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Rogue Company: Phantom Weapons, Abilities, and Perks Guide

Rogue Company: Phantom Weapons, Abilities, and Perks Guide

Rogue Company is the new competitive third-person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, the company behind Smite and Tribes. Phantom is an unparalleled sniper and assassin in Rogue Company. Formerly a genetic experiment, she joins Rogue Company’s lineup of thirteen Rogues. Phantom uses her sniper rifles and specialty abilities to track down and destroy enemies.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at Rogue Company Phantom’s weapons, abilities, utility, and perks.

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Phantom Abilities

  • Nano Smoke (Active) – Equip a smoke that reveals enemies in the area.
  • Grievous Wounds (Passive) – Damaging an enemy delays their health regeneration.

Rogue Company Phantom Weapons

  • LR15 Fullbody – The LR15 Fullbody is a brutal bolt-action sniper rifle.
    • T1: Increases magazine size. 
    • T2: Increases scope speed and reduces recoil.
    • T3: Nullifies damage falloff.
  • Arren L2-12 – The Arren L2-12 is a controllable scoped semi-automatic rifle.
    • T1: Increases magazine size and improves reload speed.
    • T2: Reduces recoil.
    • T3: Nullifies damage falloff.
  • P12K – The P12K is a compact silenced pistol.
    • T1: Increases the hip-fire accuracy and reduces reticle bloom.
    • T2: Increases magazine size.
  • Throwing Axe – The Throwing Axe is a fearsome thrown weapon.
    • T1: Increases throw speed.
    • T2: Increases throw damage

Phantom Utility

  • Grenade – A grenade that explodes after a short fuse and can be cooked.
    • T1: Increases explosion radius.
    • T2: Damage increased to 125.
  • Sticky Sensor – A gadget that sticks to surfaces and reveals enemies.
    • T1: Increases reveal radius.
    • T2: Increases gadget count by 1.

Rogue Company Phantom Perks

  • Evade – After taking damage, increases movement speed for a short duration.
  • Cloaked – Become immune to enemy revealing abilities.
  • Nimble Hands – Increases weapon swap and reload speed.
  • Stalker – Removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
  • Life Drain – Downing an enemy heals for a significant amount over a short duration.
  • Tracker Rounds – Damaging an enemy with a firearm will reveal them to your team.

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