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Anvil Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

If you're looking for a tank, you'll want Anvil on your side.
Rogue Company Anvil Screen
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If being a fierce force to be reckoned with during any game of Rogue Company is your mission, there’s no better Rogue to choose than the Defender, Anvil. With an extremely powerful arsenal and Abilities to match, there is no better choice than this brute. Rogue Company knows how to create intriguing, fluid gameplay, but Anvil can stop the enemy in their tracks with his Juggernaut-like being. Let’s go over how to play as Anvil so that you can use him to the best of your abilities for your team.

Anvil Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Rogue Company Anvil Perks Screen
Image via Gamer Journalist

If you’re familiar with the Juggernauts from Call of Duty, then you’ll have a good idea of how Anvil operates. As a Defender character, his goal is to keep his team in good standing, all the while hitting the enemy team with heavy gunfire. His Abilities play into this perfectly with his Barricade which blocks enemy gunfire and damage, it can also be broken to create a cover point for your team to shoot from. To go along with that theme of holding the line, his Passive Ability, Immunity makes him unimpaired by any disorients or blind effects caused by the enemy. This can make him a tank at times.

As far as his weapons go, he has access to the MLX Maw LMG and the Arbitrator Shotgun. You really cannot go wrong with using either of these with Anvil but I tend to go big with the LMG as this is the best way to keep suppressing fire to cover your teammates during tight confrontations. His Executioner Pistol is a fantastic secondary with a great range to it and heavy damage to boot.

His Melee Weapon is a Baseball Bat and his Gadgets are the C4 and Active Protection System. Using the Bat is a great tool to have since you’re the team defender, so having that extra melee damage is effective. As for his gadget, I tend to go with the APS as it blocks an enemy projectile which makes holding the line a bit easier whether behind that barricade of his or behind nearby cover.

When it comes to perks, going big can be a great asset but buying the LMG is best so try to stick with cheaper ones at first. The Berserker Perk is great because he can reload while sprinting, Gunsmith increases his magazine size and falloff range by 25%, and Lifeline allows him to revive teammates 20% faster and they regenerate health immediately. After you gain more cash, go for Armor which grants him a staggering 75 armor, and Bulletproof which causes 15% less firearm damage.

So at the end of the day, Anvil is basically the anchor of the team. He’s strong, sturdy, and he holds the team into position. Making sure you’re always with your team to protect them and hold back the enemy is what’s going to make playing with him so worth it for you. Paying attention to your perks is also key as these really make him a tank by the time the match nears its end.

That’s all there is to playing as Anvil in Rogue Company! Hopefully, you have a better understanding of who he is and how he plays!

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