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Dima Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Dima is the bomb.
Rogue Company Dima Weapons Screen
Image via Gamer Journalist

Something that never gets tiring about Rogue Company is playing as each of its Rogues and learning how they work internally. With various abilities, weapons, and perks, there’s so much to unpack and dive into. No two characters are really ever the same and offer players a totally different experience from one to the other. One character that is a clear standout is none other than the Breacher himself, Dima. With an explosive ability, he’s a great asset to any team with victory on its mind. Today, we’re going to explain how to play as him.

Dima Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Rogue Company Dima Perks Screen
Image via Gamer Journalist

Getting right into it, Dima has a great Ability called the MIRV Launcher. This Ability allows him to use a cluster grenade launcher. This thing can do some massive destruction and truly create an opening for your team to breach the enemy’s turf or just get your team out of a tight situation in a pinch. Additionally, his Passive Ability, Burner, makes it so that enemies hit by any of his explosives are revealed for a short duration. This makes it even easier for him to stalk any survivors of his launcher blasts and snuff them out easily.

When it comes to his arsenal, Dima has a KA30 AR and the Mamba DMR to choose from as his primary. He isn’t a fast character, so I typically go with the KA30 as it gives him a fighting chance against any moving enemies and closer-ranged ones as well. Like Gl1tch, this Breacher also uses the Executioner Pistol as his secondary which too has great range and damage going for it. He’s also got a Throwing Axe as his Melee Weapon, as well as an EMP Grenade and a Grenade for Gadgets. Whether you equip the Throwing Axe or not is totally up to you but you need to use the Grenade so that you can really take advantage of Dima’s Passive Ability.

Dima has a plethora of great Perks to choose from but I choose to go big starting out. I aim to get Blaster which increases explosive damage by 30% and Energized which recharges his ability 25% faster. From there, I’ll purchase Armor which grants him 25 armor, Resupply which resupplies his gadgets after eliminating enemies, and Berserker which allows him to reload while sprinting.

Dima is a great Breacher because he really lives up to how we’d think of one. Utilizing his explosive Abilities is going to really create big openings for your team to make important plays. Not rushing into heavy situations too carelessly is also going to pay off really well while playing as him. Hang back often and only charge in when it’s time to utilize his Abilities.

That’s all there is to playing as Dima in Rogue Company. He’s a strong and bombastic character that you’ll see on the battlefield a lot, as he’s quite a fan favorite. Good luck!

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