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Saint Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

If you need a healer, Saint is the best choice for you!
Rogue Company Saint Weapons

If you’re a player that’s new to Rogue Company or is just looking to switch things up, choosing a character can be daunting, especially if you don’t really know how they play. There are so many to choose from, each having its own abilities and weapons that make the game feel like night and day depending. Today, we’ll explain how to play as Saint, a Support character that heals the team and keeps the dream going.

Saint Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Rogue Company Saint Perks

So far, we’ve covered many Duelist characters from Rogue Company, but a really important character to have on any team is always going to be Saints. He’s a fantastic Support character and actually comes free with the game’s download, so he’s a steal in many cases. As a healer, Saint can truly turn the tide of war by maintaining a focus on his team and holding the line.

When it comes to Saint’s weapons, he has the MLX Mark 4 AR and the Mamba DMR at his disposal. Now, because he’s a Support character you’re going to want to maintain your focus on where your team is moving and serve as a guard, even if that’s from a distance. So choosing either gun is really going to come down to how you want to play the game. I’d personally choose the AR as it’s a bit more versatile for those moments when the enemy rushes you.

His secondary is the Executioner Pistol which does a great job itself at holding back enemy reinforcements as it has some range to it and power. He’s also got access to the Throwing Axe Melee Weapon and the Smoke Grenade and C4 as his Gadgets. When choosing which Gadget to go for first, I’d choose the Smoke Grenade as it helps to blanket your teammates when it comes time to revive them.

That leads us to his Abilities. He’s got the Revive Drone which is a drone that you automatically can send to downed teammates and revive them. His Passive works in tandem with this. Titled “Medical Expertise”, this Passive Ability gives your teammate and you a burst of health after reviving them. It works great, especially if the enemy team has you both cornered. This alone can change the battle in your favor.

As for perks, I say go big or go home. I start out by purchasing Helping Hand which increases Saint’s revive ability’s speed by 40%, Energized which recharges his Ability by 40%, Lifeline which revives teammates 20% faster and starts them off with health regeneration immediately, and Armor which gives Saint 50 armor.

He’s an essential part of any good team, so utilizing Saint in the best way possible is going to be what earns your team a win. Making sure that your focus is on having your team’s back is going to pay off well. Going in guns blazing is the worst way to use this character, so just hang back and keep your eyes open. That’s how to play as Saint.

Now that you know how to play as Saint in Rogue Company, you have the chance to put his fantastic skills to good use the next time your team needs a healer!

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