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Rogue Company Game Modes

Rogue Company Game Modes

Are you trying to find a list of Rogue Company game modes? Rogue Company is a competitive third-person shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios, the company behind Smite and Paladins. While the game does not yet have an official release date, the closed beta is available for pre-order. The different game modes range from competitive to casual with objective-based and team deathmatch modes.

Rogue Company Game Modes

There are three game modes in Rogue Company: Demolition, Strikeout, and Extraction. Here’s a breakdown of each of the game’s modes so far.


Demolition is the most competitive mode in Rogue Company. It is objective-based, with an attacking and defending team. The attackers must plant a bomb at one of two designated bomb sites, while the defending team protects the sites. Either side can also win by eliminating the entire opposing team. It is reminiscent of Counter-Strike, but with six rounds per side.


Strikeout is a team deathmatch like mode, where each team of four starts with twelve tickets. The tickets are basically vouchers that allow you to respawn. Eliminating players and holding control points diminishes the opposing teams’ number of lives. Control points rotate every round, and controlling it for thirty seconds reduces the enemy ticket count by one. 

Each team starts with 12,000 cash and must win a total of three rounds for victory. Rounds last five minutes at most, with an eight-second respawn interval. 


Extraction mode is a control point mode, where teams fight over an area of the map. The control point changes from round to round.

While these three eight-player modes are the only ones available right now, the game is still in early access and subject to change. Rogue Company is entirely crossplay on every major platform. You can play the game with any of your friends, whether they on PC or console. To find out how to get beta access to Rogue Company, you can check out our guide. 

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