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How to get into Rogue Company Closed Beta

Hi-Rez Studios, the company behind games such as Smite, Paladins, and Realm Royale has recently entered its next flagship game, Rogue Company into closed beta.

Rogue Company is a cross-platform 3rd person shooter that draws inspiration from games such as Counter Strike, Valorant, and Rainbow Six: Seige. On PC Rogue Company will be exclusive to The Epic Games launcher.

There are two ways to get into the current closed beta. Players can purchase the Founder’s pack through the Epic store for $14.99 and gain instant access into the game or they can go the Twitch Drops route.

How to get into Rogue Company Closed Beta with Twitch Drops

If don’t want to commit to buying the Founder’s pack just yet to get Early Access. You can always gain access via Twitch drops. Here is how to get into the closed beta with Twitch Drops.

  1. Find a Stream Playing Rogue Company on Twitch

    Go to and login to your account. Then find a streamer who is playing Rogue Company and open their stream.Twitch Rogue Company

  2. Link your Twitch and Epic Games Account Together

    Under their title, you will see “Enable In-game Drops with Account Link” click that and follow the prompts to link our accounts together.

  3. Watch the Stream and Wait for your Drop

    If it says “Drops Enabled” under the streamer’s title you are all set. Now all you have to do is watch and keep the stream open. If you’re lucky you will get a drop with closed beta access. This is a good time to watch and learn the game so you know the basics when you start playing.Twitch Drops Enabled

That’s how to get into the Rogue Company closed beta using the Twitch Drop system. Remember that you can always buy the Founders pack if you don’t want to wait for a drop.

Remember that watching multiple streamers at the same time will not increase your odds of getting a drop. Good Luck!

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