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Where to find Briar in New World

Where to find Briar in New World

There are dozens of different resources in the wilds of New World, many of which you’ll need to collect for various quests and town projects. One of the earlier quests in the game asks players to collect Briar Branches, but it doesn’t explain exactly where to find them. You may figure it out by yourself, though, if you’re familiar with the thorny plant in real life. Either way, here’s where to find Briar in New World

In this guide, you’ll learn where to collect Briar Branches, Briar Buds, and Thorny Vines from Briars. 

Where to find Briar in New World

Briar is found in forests, grasslands, and shrublands areas around small bodies of water. Look for the thorny brown and green plants surrounding ponds, rivers, and lakes. Harvesting Briar plants will allow you to find Briar Branches, Thorny Vines, and Briar Buds. You may need some of these materials to craft specific recipes later on in the game. 

Above is an example location where you can find Briar. If you want to visit this one, it’s directly west of Windsward, alongside the river that flows through the town. An early-game quest, Prickly Request, asks you to acquire some Briar Branches. So, hopefully, this guide will help you understand where to find them. 

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