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Best Ranged Weapons in New World

Fire from a safe distance!
Amazon Games ranged weapons
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As an adventurer roaming the supernatural island of Aeternum, being equipped with various weapons is crucial for success and survival. Here are the best weapons with which you can bring enemies down from afar and make them wish they were never born.

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Top Ranged Weapons You Can Use in New World

When talking about ranged weapons in the New World, we mainly talk about Bows, Muskets, and Blunderbuss. Bows are the best for… Muskets do the best damage to … while Blunderbuss can…


The most versatile long-range weapon in the New World is undoubtedly the bow. It can be fired with short-drawn shots, which inflict 100% of weapon damage, or long-drawn shots, which inflict 170%.

Bows have 2 mastery trees – Skirmisher (short draw shots) and Hunter (consecutive long draw shots). The first one inflicts ailments, while the second one causes heavy damage.

They are particularly useful if you want to inflict poison on your enemies or cause serious damage in a short time. With light and heavy attacks, the bow deals thrust damage, which proves to be very strong against the Corrupted and Beast enemy types.

Among the bows that inflict the most damage are:

  • Bondsmans Flatbow (Damage: 213)
  • Baroness (Damage: 208)
  • Buccaneers Flatbow (Damage: 150).


The musket is the strongest long-range weapon in the New World. It fires projectiles that scale 100% with dexterity.

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Even though it inflicts great damage on enemies, the downside of muskets is that they require ammo for every shot and take a lot of time to reload. It has two skill trees – Sharpshooter and Trapper.

Muskets are best used as PvP weapons or against a group of enemies in PvE. It inflicts heavy damage and hits the target way faster than the weapons that fire projectiles.


Inspired by a weapon from the 17 century, the blunderbuss is a firearm used for close-to-mid range. It has two skill trees – Containment and Chaos.

Like with muskets, Blunderbuss also requires ammo for every shot, which can potentially cause a problem. This long-range weapon inflicts thrust damage.

Blunderbuss New World
Image by Amazon Game Studios

Blunderbuss fires 6 shots followed by a blast and a single bullet, inflicting 23% thrust damage. What might be problematic is that the blunderbuss doesn’t have a charge or heavy attack option, which would deal extra damage to the enemy.

All Types of Weapons in the New World

There are four categories of weapons in the New World:

  • One-handed weapons (Swords, Rapiers, Hatchets, Flails)
  • Two-handed weapons (Spears, Great Axes, Greatswords, War Hammers)
  • Ranged weapons (Bows, Muskets, Blunderbuss)
  • Magical weapons (Fire Staffs, Life Staffs, Ice Gauntlets, Void Gauntlets)

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