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How to Quickly find resources in New World

Skip the grind and get back to the fun stuff.
New World
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In New World, resources are a valuable commodity used for a plethora of different reasons. Whether it’s your first time playing New World, or you are playing the endgame; odds are that you’ll need resources. You can always just explore the map and hope to find the resources you need, but it’s just a waste of your time. With a little bit of time and optimizing, you can skip the wait and get right back into the action. Here is the most fastest and most efficient way of collecting them so you can maximize your gear and get back into playing as quickly as possible, maybe even get to collecting all 26 Ancient Glyphs if you haven’t already.

Thanks to an amazing site called New World Map, you’ll find an entire map of Aeternum, kept up to date and complete with everything you’d want to find, though in this case, we’re simply looking for resources.

Planning your Route

With the help of this map, you’ll easily be able to locate all the ores, plants, woods, and essences that you’ll need for your journeys. Just simply filter out what you’re looking for, and you’ll be able to plan a route that guarantees you finding the materials you need. With this you can maximize your time getting resources at a faster pace, whether it be Iron Ore or a Starmetal Vein. With that, all you need to ask yourself is, what materials do I need to better my equipment, and what’s the best path I can take to get them?

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