How to Get Will of the Ancients in New World

Hailed as the inheritor of WoW's epic MMO legacy, New World offers breathtaking landscapes -- and powerful items like the Will of the Ancients.
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New World is an epic MMO adventure surrounding epic battles and expanding civilization amidst of a background of exploration and glory. From serious cut scenes to fun seasonal celebrations, New World allows Prime Gaming subscribers to get special in-game content and loot. It’s a heavily streamed game, as it’s made by Amazon games.

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To succeed in New World and to progress, it makes sense to get the best weapons you can. If you’d like to outfit yourself with the right weapons on the Life Staff path, you’ll want to earn a Will of the Ancients.

What is Will of the Ancients in New World?

Will of the Ancients is a Legendary Named Life Staff in New World. It’s a Tier V weapon, with an item gear score of 590. It does 52 base damage, costs 29 focus to use, has 32.0 stagger damage and block stamina damage respectively, and a 1.20 critical damage multiplier. Additionally, Will of the Ancients gives you a 2.0 percent chance to score a critical hit on your target!

In addition to these phenomenal stats, Will of the Ancients gives you Rally IV, which provides an extra 15 percent damage plus healing, a 20 percent healing bonus via Blessed, a max cooldown reduction of 2.8 percent, and an active weapons cooldown reduction of 2.8 percent.

If you salvage this weapon, it rewards 12 repair parts. Its durability is 3000, it binds on pickup, and it scales with FOC.

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Epic fight from New World | Image by Amazon Games

How Do You Get Will of the Ancients in New World?

Will of the Ancients is earned by completing an expedition called The Lazarus Instrumentality. (In New World, expeditions are essentially instances.) It’s dangerous to go alone! Take some friends with you — especially if you’re their group healer. They’ll want you to have this. I recommend a healer (probably you), a tank, and a ranged weapons user to manage this effectively. A fourth player could also help.

This expedition involves dealing with members of the ancient race, which is how it ties in to the lore behind Will of the Ancients. There are about 10 ancient units you’ll encounter in here, including melee and ranged units, such as spellcasters.

You’ll roll through four sections (last of which is the Bathe Chambers) until you get to the Cilla boss. To fight Cilla, be prepared for her to throw Javelins which cause knockbacks! She also shoots magical bolts and energy waves, and does a big smash down style attack. To defeat Cilla and get Will of the Ancients, your team has to be agile and prepared for what happens when any one team member (including the tank) gets seriously hit or knocked back away from the group.

Following Cilla, you’ll run through two more sections, then hit the Chardis Boss. Chardis does a lot of slapping and impact damage, including one area of effect attack. He’s a construct. Keep an eye on his hands at all times to predict his many moves.

Once you finally defeat Chardis Boss, you may receive Will of the Ancients. However, other items may drop instead of or in addition to the Will of the Ancients. If you want to get Will of the Ancients ASAP, I recommend you find a group willing to run the expedition at least twice in one day to get it done.


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