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How to Get Legendary Shields in New World

The best defense is a really good shield

Within the core gameplay in New World is combat. In Aeternum, the right gear can mean life or death for players in battle. Even in a game such as New World oftentimes the best offense is a good defense. Meaning shields are a valuable resource in combat. There are the typical shields that can be found and crafted in-game, but the best are Legendary Shields. Finding one is easier said than done, however, but the benefits far outweigh the struggles of finding one. Here you’ll find the best methods outside of just hoping for one to drop.

Benefits of Legendary Shields

For those asking what separates a Legendary Shield from an Epic one, it’s all about the numbers. Aside from enhanced stats, Legendary Shields also have one more perk column. This can help greatly with builds to enhance the player’s power. The problem at the moment, however, is getting one of these Legendary Shields in the first place.

How to get Legendary Shields

While Legendary Shields can be found in drops through gameplay, it’s not advised to try. The chances of this happening to players are minimal, and that time is much better invested in the more reliable method. While Legendary Shields can’t be outright crafted, there is a chance of getting one by crafting. It just requires patience, luck, and plenty of resources. Each time crafting a new shield will yield the chance for it to evolve into a Legendary version of itself. Note that reforging does not offer the same chance, only newly crafted shields can drop as Legendary. Be sure to have plenty of crafting materials beforehand, as this will most likely drain them very quickly.

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While the odds of getting a Legendary version of a shield are small, it’s the best way for players to acquire one outside of finding one in the wild. Though should players want a shield without having to rely on RNG, they can be found on sale. Be warned, however, that these shields ask for a high price, players may need to sell off a few things before even attempting to buy a legendary shield on the market.

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