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Where to find Silver in New World

Where to find Silver in New World

Are you having trouble finding some Silver Ore in New World? Silver is one of the resources required for early game crafting and leveling blacksmithing and smelting. It’s the next step up from Iron Ore, so you may be ready to collect some but aren’t sure where to look. Here’s where to find Silver in New World.

Where to find Silver in New World

Silver Ore derives from Silver Veins in New World. You will need a pickaxe handy, and some knowledge of where to find Silver Veins. Luckily, the in-game map provides all the information we need to find some Silver easily. However, you may be looking for one or two specific locations for an accessible silver ore farm.

To understand where to find Silver, you can follow these steps. Open up your map by pressing the M key, and navigate over to Resource Locations. From this screen, you can see that Silver is abundant in Highland areas. Other resources in the same area 

Silver ore can be found around all four of the starting areas. Everfall, Windswad, First Light, and Monarch’s Bluff. Look for the darker parts of the map, they designate mountains. You can find tons of different nodes on top and around them. You will also be able to track Silver nodes on your compass when your reach a mining level of 35. To track the nodes all you have to do is be in their general vicinity and the compass will help you pinpoint the location. It’s pretty easy to farm up to level 35, you can mine Boulders which are found almost anywhere, and also keep mining the Iron ore nodes.

New World Silver Ore Tracking

To help you along here are some coordinates for silver ore nodes we found frequently in the starting areas. Check out our guide on how to use coordinates in New World if you are unclear on how to view them.

Monarch’s Bluff

  • 7767, 3819
  • 7780, 3767
  • 8171, 4008
  • 8154, 4011
  • 8302, 3924
  • 8051, 4149
  • 8047, 4154
  • 8116, 4175
  • 8115, 4168
  • 8406, 3939


  • 8678, 5152
  • 8687, 5135
  • 8680, 5120
  • 8706, 5142
  • 8748, 5119
  • 9305, 4506
  • 9270, 4412
  • 9507, 4628
  • 9612, 4593
  • 9614, 4608


  • 10177, 2902
  • 10143, 2875
  • 10117, 2829
  • 10084, 2998
  • 10000, 3043
  • 9643, 2721
  • 9337, 2471
  • 9315, 2482
  • 9232, 2460
  • 9320, 2413

First Light

  • 8862, 1717
  • 8851, 1719
  • 8840, 1657
  • 8847, 1649
  • 8885, 1600
  • 9607, 748
  • 9544, 805
  • 9674, 703
  • 9542, 989
  • 8437, 1034

One particular location we consistently found nodes is in the wolf den in Dankfur Hollow, just south of Windsward. The most convenient location depends entirely on where you are on the map, but this location consistently spawns two to four nodes inside of it every ten minutes. If you desperately need some silver, it may be worth camping these nodes for a little while to get your stacks up. The area might look familiar to you if you’ve checked out our guide on where to find Iron.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the dozens of Silver Vein spawns in Aeturnum. As long as you search in the Highlands area on the map, you should have no trouble finding some Silver throughout your journeys. Keep your eye out and your mining equipment handy, because you never know when you might come across some. Now that you know where to find Silver in New World, it’s time to farm some and level up that weaponsmithing. 

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