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How to complete A Prickly Request in New World

How to complete A Prickly Request in New World

Some missions are more challenging than others in New World. One mission from Windsward asks players to collect a few things from the world, including rabbit skins, plucked turkeys, and briar branches. You can find all of these items around Everfall, and we’ll show you exactly where in this post. Here’s how to complete A Prickly Request in New World.

How to complete A Prickly Request in New World

Here are the requirements for A Prickly Request:

  • Collect Skinned Rabbits from Rabbits
  • Get Plucked Turkeys from Turkey
  • Collect Briar Branches from Briars

To collect Plucked Turkeys, head to the marker location at Emberwood. You can find turkeys all over the farm. Kill them and skin them for the quest item. You need a total of six plucked turkeys, which should be easy enough to find. 

You can find Briar Branches west of Everfall, near the small pond in the forest. They look like a spikier version of the regular bushes that you can harvest for wood. There should be a group of about eight briar bushes, which is more than enough to complete the requirement for A Prickly Request.

The most challenging part of this quest for me was collecting the skinned rabbits. It’s not because they are hard to find; it’s just that they are not at the marker location. You can find rabbits in the area surrounding Everfall. In this location and skinning, Killing any rabbit will give you the quest item you need for A Prickly Request. You can also get more than one for a single rabbit.

Finally, you need to bring these materials to Barkeep Cormack in Windsward for completion. Now you know how to complete A Prickly Request in New World. For other beginner guides, check out our guide on how to make Bullets in New World.

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