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How to make a Barbatos’ Boon in Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, crafting intricate cocktails is a lot easier than in real life. As of the Of Drink A-Dreaming event in Update 2.5, players can jump behind the bar and participate in some mixology! It’s very similar to the way you’d create and cook food, the biggest difference is that you can make “vacation juice” instead!

In fact, one such concoction players can craft is called Barbatos’ Boon, and we’re going to teach you how to make them. Just remember to drink responsibly! Friends Don’t Let Friends Teleport drunk, and all that.

How to Mix a Barbatos’ Boon

To start things off, you’ll travel to the Angel’s Share tavern in Mondstadt. It’s here where you can buy a pre-made drink if you’re so inclined. But, for our purposes today, we’re going to make the drinks. In order to craft a Barbatos’ Boon, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Fizzy Water
  • Juice
  • Mint

Alas, the first two ingredients are event-specific, meaning … unless you still have some Fizzy Water and Juice lying around, you might be out of luck. But, let’s assume you do have some of these items from the Of Drink A-Dreaming event. If this is the case, you can nab some Mint from the botanist NPC, Chloris. Chloris can be found around Windrise from 6:00 to 19:00. Find her, and you can help yourself to all the Mint you can afford! It’ll set you back around 150 Mora, but surely you can find some uses for it outside of your quest to conquer the Barbatos’ Boon.

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In any case, take these ingredients back to the Angel’s Share and GET READY TO MIX!

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