How to get Histoire Orchestrion Roll in Final Fantasy 16

An Orchestrion roll a day keeps the wandering Bards away.
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With Final Fantasy 16 now available for all to enjoy, players are searching every nook and cranny for items and materials. However, not only are there many an items to plunder in chests, there are also collectibles. Known as curiosities in game, these are a collection of unique items that players can obtain throughout the course of the game. This could come in the form of accessory items, locations, or even Orchestrion rolls. Pieces of music that can be played in your hideaway, Orchestrion rolls can be found all throughout Valisthea. Some can be bought from merchants, while others are located in secret chests. We’re going to be focuing on the latter, and figuring out how to get Histoire Orchestrion roll in Final Fantasy 16.

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How to get Histoire Orchestrion Roll in Final Fantasy 16

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The Histoire Orchestrion roll is located inside a chest on the highest scaffolding section above the Hanged Man in Lostwing. Lostwing is a town located to the northeast of your hideaway, and can be accessed after completing Main Scenario quest #7. You won’t have to wait long to grab this piece of music, and it can be found with a bit of exploration.

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Starting out at the Obelisk right next to the town of Lostwing, make your way towards the left until you reach the Hanged Man. Once entering the establishment, immediately turn left and go up the stairs. These will lead you upward a few floors before branching off into two separate directions. Follow the pathway to the right, and wrap around to the other side of this floor until you reach a set of ladders. Climb up both these ladders and follow the pathway. At the end of it, you will be graced with a chest that upon opening, grants you the Histoire Orchestrion roll.

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