How to Get Forevermore Orchestrion Roll in Final Fantasy 16

Find this collectible and bring yourself closer to that unique reward.
Final Fantasy 16 Forevermore Ochestrion Roll
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Final Fantasy 16 is here and it introduced a lot of new content fans are excited about. One of the things that many people are looking to complete is the various collectibles that the game brings such as Orchestrion Rolls that unlock unique music.

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There are 17 Orchestrion Rolls in total and in this article, we will talk about how you can find the Forevermore Orchestrion Roll. Buckle up and follow our instructions!

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Forevermore Orchestrion Roll Location

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To get Forevermore Orchestrion Roll you need to head out to Martha’s Rest in Central Rosaria. Once you are there, head to the northeast part of the town and look for a narrow dead-end street. There, you’ll see a chest sitting next to some barrels with sacks on top of them. When you crack open the chest, you’ll get the Forevermore.

Not all Orchestrion Rolls will be hidden. You’ll find some of them during your main quests while others will need to be purchased from merchants. When you find them all you will unlock a trophy and will be able to replay some memorable music from Final Fantasy 16.

Collecting these items and other collectibles is in no way affecting your main storyline and has no gameplay purpose. They are there to add to the lore of the game and improve the overall experience of true FF franchise fans.

We hope this article got you one step closer to completing your Orchestrion Roll collection. Learn more about Final Fantasy 16 through our articles on How to get Braveheart Weapon in Final Fantasy 16 and How to get Scholar’s Spectacles in Final Fantasy 16. Follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook and find more FF16 and other guides every day.

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