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How to Get Haddie Kaur Twisted Masquerade Outfit in Dead by Daylight

Here's how to get her limited edition outfit.
Haddie Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight’s paranormal investigator Survivor, Haddie Kaur, was added to the game right before the big sixth-anniversary event, the Twisted Masquerade. As such, the developers saw it fit to give her a special, limited edition outfit to commemorate the occasion. Here’s how to get Haddie Kaur’s Twisted Masquerade outfit in Dead by Daylight.

How to Get Haddie Kaur Twisted Masquerade Outfit

Haddie Kaur’s Twisted Masquerade outfit is made up of three parts: a mask, a torso section, and a leg section. Two of these components are obtained from the special Twisted Masquerade Tome, while the mask is obtained randomly from picking up Twisted Masquerade invitations during the event.

The Mask

Haddie’s mask, just like the other Masquerade masks, can be obtained by picking up one of the randomly-spawning Masquerade invitations that appear during Trials. If you find one, just interact with it to pick it up. If you’re playing as a Survivor, you’ll need to survive until at least one means of Escape becomes available to keep the invitation, while a Killer just needs to play through to the end of a match. You can get Survivor masks as a Killer and vice versa.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Torso

The torso section of Haddie’s outfit is obtained by clearing a special line of challenges in the Twisted Masquerade event tome. All of these challenges require both individual contributions from you as well as overall contributions from the Dead by Daylight community, though, at the time of writing, all of the community contributions have been completed. The tasks, in order, are:

  • Complete a total of 40 of either of the following actions: Damage Generators or Succeed Repair Skill Checks
  • Complete a total of 360 seconds of either of the following actions: Chase Survivors or be chased by the Killer
  • Complete a total of 8 of either of the following actions: Drop Pallets while being chased by the Killer or Break Pallets
  • Complete a total of 10 of either of the following actions: Safely unhook Survivors or Hook survivors

Complete all of these tasks, and you can claim the node with the torso of Haddie’s outfit.

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The Legs

Obtaining the leg section of Haddie’s outfit is probably the easiest part since it only requires the completion of two Tome tasks. From the start of the pathway, you just need to clear these two tasks:

  • Finish repairing 3 Anniversary Generators
  • Escape 1 Trial as Haddie Kaur

Completing these tasks will lead you to the node containing the legs of Haddie’s outfit.

Remember, both the outfit components and the requirements to get them are limited to the Twisted Masquerade event. Once the Twisted Masquerade ends on June 30th, you won’t be able to get these items anymore.

If you need any help finishing these tasks, don’t forget to check out our Dead by Daylight section for the latest tips and info.

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