How to Get Chucky’s Badge and Banner in Dead by Daylight?

Hi, I'm Chucky, your friend till the end.
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In the Chucky DLC in Dead by Daylight, you can find both Chucky and his bride Tiffany. Unrelated to that DLC, there are also new banners and badges that make it possible for the fans to customize their profiles. Of course, the first banner and badge are personally Chucky. Here is how to get the Chucky icon and badge in Dead by Daylight.

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How to Find Chucky’s Badge and Banner

Chucky’s Badge and Banner can be earned by buying a Chucky cosmetic in Dead by Daylight. After a long wait, player cards have finally been added. Chucky’s banner and badge are the only available items of that type that are currently in the game. Note, however, that they don’t come with the Chucky DLC and can’t be acquired for free.

There are several Chucky cosmetics available right now, like the one that allows him to transform into his bride Tiffany or the slashed one. Those are called The Good Guy: Back From the Dead, which is a rare skin, and the Good Guy: Good Gal – a legendary skin. In order to get a matching card and badge, you will have to buy only one of those.

We know this is the only type of badges and banners you can get right now. It’s also unclear why don’t the existing characters have their own badges and banners, but hopefully the developers will soon change that.

But don’t worry, we can expect new ones very soon, during the Bone Chill Advent Calendar event in December 2023. With every new day of the event, new rewards are unlocked, such as cosmetics, Iri Shards, etc. Players are also hoping for a Dwelf badge, as well as Campfire and Snowman badges. You can also expect some badges with motives inspired by winter.

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