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How to Get Gear Drivetrains in Genshin Impact?

Where are these gears hiding?

Genshin Impact is known for its unique destinations scattered across the map. It’s not unusual for a player to stumble across temples, factories, or hidden treasures. That’s the beauty of Genshin Impact is being able to explore different regions.

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One of the locations you can come across is known as the Abandoned Production Zone and it has some mechanics you’re going to want to learn about. Players will be able to learn about gear drivetrains and how to operate them. If you want to learn how to get gear drivetrains in Genshin Impact, keep reading.

Where Can You Find Gear Drivetrains in Genshin Impact?

You can find gear drivetrains at the core gear drive located around the center of the Abandoned Production Zone. For players who aren’t sure how to reach the Abandoned Production Zone, you will need to start the quest Unfinished Comedy and follow Cater until you’ve reached the Fortress of Meropide zone.

One of the rooms you will be allowed to enter is called the Abandoned Production Zone. You will notice a core gear drive in the center of the room that contains a gear drivetrain that you’ll want to grab. This device is used to help you get into the other rooms of the Abandoned Production Zone. Take your gear drivetrain and insert it into the core gear drive in the right direction.

  • Energy Storage: Core Drive NW & Gear drivetrain inward direction
  • Supply Warehouse: Core Drive SW & Gear drivetrain inward direction

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Where are the Chests Hidden in the Abandoned Production Zone?

If you’re wondering what you can find in the Abandoned Production Zone and you’re someone who wants to explore all of Genshin Impact Zones, you should know that there are a few chests. The chests you will be able to find are luxurious, which means that their loot is highly valuable.

You’ll find a chest behind a door in the energy storage room after you’ve unlocked it using the gear drivetrain. The next chest is in the supply warehouse, which is discoverable after you’ve punched a punching bag.

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