How to get Braveheart Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

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While there is always magic a-plenty in every Final Fantasy game, nothing can beat having a trusty sword by your side. Something that always gets our favorite protagonists out of a bind, and something that plunges into our hearts when a fellow teammate is struck down by one. The sword we’re focusing on, the Braveheart sword, has been a mainstay in Final Fantasy since the very first game released back in 1987. Making its return in Final Fantasy 16 as a sword our main character Clive can wield. This has left many die-hard FF fans clamoring at the chance to wield the legendary weapon. So let’s unsheathe our sword and figure out how to get Braveheart weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

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How to get Braveheart Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

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Screenshot via GamerJournalist / Square Enix

Throughout your travels across Valisthea, players are sure to find all manner of weapons, materials, and accessories. Sadly, the Braveheart sword is not going to be one of these items. For those who want to test this weapon for themselves, you’ll have to pre-order any edition of Final Fantasy 16 in order to use the Braveheart. It will be available from the start of the game, and can be claimed from the redeemable items menu in the game.

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This can be a letdown for those who missed out on their chance to pre-order the game before launch. And it seems that this is the only way for players to obtain this sword of legend as of now. It boasts an attack and stagger power of 130, and will surely be of good use to those just starting their adventure. If you’re wanting to see what other items you can get by pre-ordering, head on over to the official Final Fantasy 16 pre-order website.

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