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How to Complete Informed Means Armed Quest in Escape from Tarkov

Make sure the coast is clear before installation
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To increase your Loyalty Level with a specific Trader in Escape from Tarkov, you can complete their Quests. These will increase your Rep with them, alongside gaining great rewards such as a large sum of EXP and money. These Quests vary in difficulty depending on the objectives the Trader asks you to fulfil. The Skier Quest ‘Informed Means Armed’ offers players a 14,000 EXP reward, alongside Weapon attachments that will be useful to both use or sell to increase your Loyalty even further. This is our guide on how to complete the Skier Quest ‘Informed Means Armed’ in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Complete ‘Informed Means Armed’

This Skier Quest asks you to install three Wi-Fi Camera to different locations. These are located inside three different Escape from Tarkov Maps as well: Woods, Customs and Interchange. The Quest dialogue outlines the specific places Skier wants the Cameras installed on the Maps. First of all however, players need to obtain the three Cameras needed for installation. These are purchasable off the Mechanic via the Trading Screen. In his Showcase, select the ‘S’ symbol on the right-hand side to open its tab. The Cameras are purchasable here for 311 Euros. Remember that when heading into a Raid, only take one Camera with you in case you were to die mid-Raid.

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Woods Camera Location

These can be completed in any order but we will tackle these are they are written in the objectives. The first Camera should be installed at the Sawmill Dock in the Woods. Skier asks for it to be placed on the wooden planks of the Docks. You need to head towards Lumber Yard and go onto its south side, facing towards the river. There is a small pier here located right at the southern point of Lumber Yard. Refer to the screenshot below for an exact location of the pier that you need to go to.

Image via Battlestate Games

Once here, you do not need to install this at the pier. Rather, head to the pile of wooden planks on the grass to the right side of the pier. Go up to the planks to place the Camera down. You need to wait 20 seconds as you place the Camera, you need to make sure that no enemy is nearby. Otherwise you will not be able to install the Camera if you are being shot at. Unlike other Quests, installing the Camera and waiting for installation is done with your character being stationary. We recommend crouching and putting your back towards the river so that you have time to react should you get shot at.

Customs Camera Location

The second Camera needs to go on the side of the road to Customs Port. Specifically, players need to stash it inside the bushes near the blue containers. You need to head north from Warehouse 17, the specific spot you are looking for is the Sniper Roadblock. Refer to the Map underneath for an exact location of the Sniper Roadblock inside Customs.

Image via Battlestate Games

You want to approach this Roadblock and look to the right where you will see a stack of containers. Behind them is a green bush, left to the stacks of tires and this is where you need to place the Camera. A timer will pop up in which you must survive in order for the item to be placed. Should you die before it runs out the Camera will be lost. If you plant it and die afterwards, do not worry, the Camera will still be installed and you can move on towards installing the next and final Camera.

Interchange Camera Location

Lastly, Camera three must go to the hot spot of Interchange, the KIBA Store. This is located in the central zone of ULTRA Mall inside Interchange. You need to head to the centre of the ground floor where the KIBA Store is located. The Camera needs to be installed in the Store opposite the Arms Store which is titled ‘Brutal’. The Scav Boss, Killa can indeed spawn here so be sure that you are on high alert as this Boss can spawn in if you have not taken him on previously. You can refer to the screenshot below for the location of the Brutal Store inside Interchange.

Image via Battlestate Games

The specific location in which you need to plant the Camera is right after its entrance which is opposite KIBA. This is a stack of wooden pallets with a grey sheet placed over them. This is going to be one of the hardest installations as Interchange is known for increased chances of PvP. Not only this but as Killa can spawn in, placing the Camera here makes you very vulnerable to attacks as you stand opposite an Interchange hot spot of KIBA.

We hope this guide on how to complete the Skier Quest ‘Informed Means Armed’ in Escape from Tarkov was helpful. For more guides on how to complete specific Trader Quests, feel free to look at How to Complete Watching You Quest in Escape from Tarkov and How to Complete Revision – Lighthouse Quest in Escape from Tarkov if you need help on completing these. You could also follow us at Gamer Journalist on Facebook. So that you can stay up to date on all the latest Video Game coverage.

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