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How to Complete Watching You Quest in Escape from Tarkov

What is on those recordings?
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To level up in Escape from Tarkov, players can embark on many Quests which are provided by the Traders. These offer a wide range of rewards, including that of different sums of EXP gained. By focussing on completing Quests set by a specific Trader, you can increase your Loyalty Level with them. The reward to doing this will result in gaining a larger access to greater items when you barter. This guide will show you how to successfully complete the ‘Watching You’ Quest set by Trader, Mechanic. You are rewarded with 18,500 EXP upon completing, plus a large sum of Roubles depending on your Hideout Level of the Intelligence Center.

How to Complete ‘Watching You’

Room 215 Key

This Quest is relatively simple so long as you obtain the required Key you need to get into the Hotel Room. The Key you are looking for is the ‘Room 215 Hotel Key’. This can only be found inside Jackets, Drawers and on Scav Bodies (Pockets). You will find this Key in the Map, Streets of Tarkov through exploration. This Key should be relatively easy to find, just check inside Jackets and on Scav Bodies for its spawn. Once found, you need to make your way over to Pinewood Hotel. This is located at the north-east side of the Streets of Tarkov. You can enter the Hotel on the east side of the building where its main entrance will be.

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The exact location of Hotel Room, 215 can be seen in the screenshot below. Refer to the red dot on the Map highlighting the area in which you will find the Hotel Room. Remember that this is located on the second floor of the Pinewood Hotel.

Image via Jindouz on Escape from Tarkov Fandom

Pinewood Hotel: Room 215

When you see the Pinewood Hotel front desk, turn right and climb the stairs on the eastern-side of the room. Follow the path all the way around until you locate the Hotel Room, 215 that is needed for the Quest. The spawn points of the Flash Drive that you need to grab is in two spots. It can either be found underneath the wall Television, beside the Laptop on the TV Unit or on the Windowsill between the Telescope and Camera. Upon picking up the Flash Drive, extract its contents to Trader, Mechanic after completing the Raid. Go into the Trader Screen and select the Tasks Tab to hand over the Flash Drive. This will complete the ‘Watching You’ Quest.

That is our guide on how to complete the Mechanic Quest ‘Watching You’ in Escape from Tarkov. We hope it was useful when attempting this PickUp Quest. For more guides on Escape from Tarkov, feel free to check out either How to Get SICC Case in Escape from Tarkov or How to Find Tank Battery in Escape from Tarkov. You could also follow us on Gamer Journalist at Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest gaming content by us. Including Escape from Tarkov Quest guides, Warzone DMZ, Fire Emblem Engage and many others.

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