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Escape from Tarkov Streets Map Guide – Extraction Points and Kaban Boss Guide (2023)

A trip into the city could be your last
Screenshot via Battlestate Games

Although Escape from Tarkov remains in its early access state, Battlestate continue to regularly update the game to keep the playerbase happy and the content far from stale. The latest update (August, 2023) sees a big expansion added to the Streets of Tarkov Map. The newest expansion for the Streets of Tarkov Map sees a ton more streets and secrets added in to extend the length of time players are spending looting up, completing Quests in the decrepit city and scavenging for kills as their hands twitch at the thought of taking out unaware enemies. With the city’s landscape extended far into your reach, there is much more to explore and more opportunity than ever to find some decent loot in your search. This is Vincent’s guide on everything you need to know about the Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov.

EFT: Streets of Tarkov Map Guide (2023)

Unlike other Maps in Escape from Tarkov, the PvE is pretty much non-existent. You will find yourself traversing across the ghost town of Tarkov that offers a beautiful, apocalyptic setting whilst having the uneasiness due to its long field of vision with every street you go down that could result in getting shot in the back by a fellow scavenger. Whilst the extension is one that many players have enjoyed, the problems arise due to the limited resources inside as you may find yourself spending more time sprinting around, rather than holding up somewhere and picking off enemies to increase your XP in the run, whilst having good loot to back it up.

Because of this, it is important to know where best to loot and what to look out for. This guide will attempt to show you everything you need to know about the Streets of Tarkov for those trying this Map out for the first time, or a returning member of EFT who has yet to experience the Streets expansion.

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Map Extraction Points

It is always important to know where you need to go when attempting to safely exfil from the Streets of Tarkov. Regardless of which Map you are playing on or which Quest you are attempting to complete to return to the Trader after exfiling, knowing where the nearest way out is crucial to your survival. With gear running low and not many options left, you should refer to both the basic Map drawn out below and the list detailing where you need to go when making your escape from the Raid.

PMC Extraction Points

PMC exfils in Streets Map - EFT
Image via Gamer Journalist
  1. Expo Extract
  2. Cardinal Apartment Complex
  3. Stylobate Elevator
  4. Pinewood Basement
  5. Klimov Street – Requires a RSP-30 Green Flare to access the extraction point
  6. Sewer Manhole
  7. Damaged House
  8. Collapsed Crane
  9. Crash Site
  10. Primorskij Ave Taxi V-Ex – Requires 5000 RUB (per player) to access this extraction point
  11. Courtyard – Requires a RSP-30 Green Flare to access the extraction point

Scav Extraction Points

Scav exfils in Streets Map - EFT
Image via Gamer Journalist
  1. Cardinal Apartment Complex Parking Lot
  2. Klimov Trading Center Exfil (1st Floor)
  3. Kamchatskaya Arch
  4. Basement Descent
  5. Pinewood Basement
  6. Sewer Manhole
  7. Catacombs
  8. Ventilation Shaft

Where to Find the Streets of Tarkov Boss

Each Escape from Tarkov Map has its own Boss(es) to deal with. These can offer play with more XP and unique weapons that can be picked up off their corpse so long as you beat a possible opponent to it. You will find the Streets Boss, Kaban located at Lexos which can be found coming off Primorskij Avenue and before heading onto Chekannaya Street. Keep in mind however that this Boss has his own guards. From Armored Soldiers to Snipers. Be sure to watch out for incoming fire from above where they have access to rooftops that connect around the surrounding buildings near Lexos.

It is best to head in there slowly to pick off the Armored Guards first who patrol the area. There are 6 in total. Although you will likely be spotted by the 3 Snipers posted up around you on the surrounding rooftops, you can use this to your advantage by ducking into cover and picking them off with a clean headshot. To take Kaban out, use cover and the lean mechanic to avoid taking heavy fire from his LMG. Kaban will take approximately five clean headshots to take out. Do not overextend and enter the fight guns blazing like a Call of Duty game as Kaban and his men will take you out incredibly fast.

Escape from Tarkov Boss location in Streets Map
Image via Gamer Journalist

What Areas are Unsafe in The Streets of Tarkov?

Screenshot via Battlestate Games

All Escape from Tarkov Maps are lined with mines and Snipers posted up. Because of this, you need to be mindful about where you step at all times. Due to its size, the Streets of Tarkov may lead you to believe that the incredibly long streets you can travel down are cleared of problems that can kill you. However, be on high alert at all times, especially where you step due to claymores being placed in grassy areas, randomly placed in the middle of streets. The detection on these is incredibly wide for its radius. Therefore, if you spot any grass, be sure to avoid at all costs by hugging a nearby building to ensure that you do not set it off.

As Kaban has been added into the Map, be aware that not only are there Snipers but more claymore have been added around the surrounding area of Lexos. Be on high alert for claymores in Concordia Zone (south-west) and Snipers in and around Pinewood Hotel (north-east). Areas that are particularly safe from these threats are the Industrial and Residential areas of the Tarkov Streets.

With the latest Escape from Tarkov Streets Expansion, we hope this guide helped those that were previously heading back into this map blind or for those completely new to Raids. For more on this FPS, be sure to see all GJ guides written here.

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