How to Complete Seaside Vacation Quest in Escape from Tarkov

A short trip to the Beach
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The Traders in Escape from Tarkov offer you a wide range of Quests to complete. These range from different difficulties which offer various rewards, including that of increasing your Loyalty and Rep with the Traders. For the ‘Seaside Vacation’ Quest given by Therapist, you are required to be Level 17 to begin. This can be done through gaining approximately 34,000 EXP total, achieved through the completion of other Quests given by Traders. The rewards by completing this Quest is 8,000 EXP and an increased 0.2 points with the Therapist. This is our guide on how to complete the ‘Seaside Vacation’ Therapist Quest in Escape from Tarkov.

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How to Complete ‘Seaside Vacation’

The Quest asks for players to locate the Informant’s Briefcase inside the Lighthouse Map. No more information is given on the exact location on where to find it. This is the key aspect of this Pickup Quest. Once you locate and obtain the Briefcase, extract it out of the Lighthouse and hand it over to the Therapist to complete the Quest.

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Finding the House

The specific House you need to find is located on the Beach of the Lighthouse Map. This is on the west side of the Map, down from the main northern road that goes into the Water Plant. Head down to the Seafront, you are looking for the Seaside Houses on the front. Refer to the screenshot below of the exact location of the House you need to enter. Go to the first floor of the House which you can get to via the staircase outside. You need to enter the Bedroom via the first room on the left.

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Extracting the Case

The Briefcase can be found on the floor in between the Bed and the Window. Crouch to interact with it and pick the Case up. Pick it up by crouching on the bed and not attempting to go into the narrow space between the bed and window as you can get stuck meaning you would have to restart the Quest. The final thing for you to do is to extract the item through surviving the Raid. Once done, you can simply hand this to the Therapist via the Quest (Task) window under the Therapist Screen.

That is our guide on how to complete the Therapist Quest ‘Seaside Vacation’ in Escape from Tarkov. We hope it was useful. For more guides in Escape from Tarkov, feel free to check out How to Get SICC Case in Escape from Tarkov or How to Find Tank Battery in Escape from Tarkov. You could also follow us on Gamer Journalist at Facebook for all new gaming content. Including that of future Escape from Tarkov guides, Warzone DMZ, Fire Emblem Engage and so much more.

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