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How Many Levels Are There in Candy Crush? Answered

How many levels could Candy Crush possibly have?
Candy Crush Opening Screen
Image via Activision Blizzard/Microsoft

This game has been helping people kill excess time for over a decade. The original Candy Crush Saga was initially released in 2012, and its popularity hasn’t significantly decreased since. Candy Crush remains one of the most popular games for mobile and PC across the globe; it’s almost impossible to have not heard of this massively popular game.

Not many games can boast of such an active fanbase so long after their initial release. With an active game that’s been around for so long, many people have to wonder just how many levels have accumulated. The levels in Candy Crush get exponentially harder, though they don’t seem like much of a problem for the candy-crushing pros. Keep reading if you’d like to know how many levels you have to beat before you become a candy-crushing master!

How Many Levels Are There in Candy Crush?

Considering its age, you’d be right to assume this game has accumulated an insane amount of levels. This game’s unbelievable list of levels may seem endless, but it does, in fact, have an end. There are currently 10,220 levels in Candy Crush. If you think this amount of content is insane, you’re correct! Candy Crush has more levels than almost any other game on the market, especially mobile games. The masochists creating these exponentially challenging levels may be onto something, however.

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There are people who, unbelievably, have played all 10,220 levels in Candy Crush. The reason Candy Crush is so popular is not only because it is strangely addicting; this game has more content than almost any other game on the market! With 682 episodes on the mobile version, players will never have to worry about a lull in content or an end to the game. If you could choose to download a game with an endless stream of exponentially engaging content, wouldn’t you?

The sheer number of levels in this established puzzle game may seem masochistic, but it has proved to be a genius tactic to keep players hooked on the game. This game has more levels than most people can imagine, and Candy Crush’s level designers show no sign of slowing down. If you want to become the greatest candy-crusher of all time, you will, unfortunately, need to play an incredibly unhealthy amount of this game to even come close to the leaderboards. If you don’t feel like overdosing on levels in Candy Crush, try playing Pokémon Go or AFK Arena to get your mobile game fix!

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