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Top 10 Best Video Games for Beginners

Let's turn your friend into a gamer!
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Gamers have always wanted to introduce their favorite games to their friends. There was nothing like gaming back in the day. We would set up LAN parties so we could all play World of Warcraft, there wasn’t Discord, so you’d have to take your clunky computer, and set it up next to your pal. With memories like these, it’s no wonder gamers want to play with their friends. The only problem is figuring out what interests them. Your friends were always curious about games, so, here are some titles to help turn your mate into a gamer.

Best Video Games for Beginners

Animal Crossing

Image Via Nintendo

You know your friend better than we do. If you want to find a game that’s chill, easy to play, and you can interact together without having to leave your home, play Animal Crossing. Some people might find this game to not be what they’re looking for due to the cartoonish characters and the idea of building their own island. It might seem overwhelming at first but once they play the tutorial and learn how to create things they’ll be hooked. Plenty of people started with Animal Crossing as their first Switch game and became addicted. You’ll be fishing together with your pal in no time.

Grand Theft Auto V

Image Via Rockstar North

Who needs farms and fishing when you can loot and buy your own penthouse? Grand Theft Auto is for people who want a little excitement in their lives. It’s the perfect game to play because you get hours upon hours of a great story combined with legendary characters. This open-world game has an online addition where you can create your own story, participate in heists, and stack up your money. It’s a great title if you want your friend to be introduced to shooter games.

Mario Kart 8

Image Via Nintendo

A game that might ruin friendships, it can also, be a great introduction to the gaming world if they’re into racing. Mario Kart is a party favorite due to how many people can play at once and the number of characters you can choose from to race. Your friend will not be turning this game down once they watch you drive through the lanes, causing chaos while throwing assorted weapons at your enemies.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Image Via Nintendo

You want to introduce a game where it all started for your love of RPGs. Ocarina of Time is a classic game to introduce to friends because you’re showing them your childhood. They will go crazy when you play the song to make it rain or win Epona, the beautiful horse, to travel with you. It’s also an introduction so they will learn about Link, and please make sure, to correct them if they think Link is Zelda. We’ve all been there. Teach them about the Ocarina of Time before you introduce them to Breathe of The Wild.

Sims 4

Image Via Maxis

Your friend has no idea the number of hours you’ve spent customizing your house and family to perfection. That is until now. Introduce them to Sims and you might find yourself competing over who can create the longest generation. Sims is perfect for cozy gamers who want to find just the right amount of distraction in their life. With no goals, no way of losing, and the ability to just grow you’ll have them hooked.

Pokemon Go

Image Via Niantic Labs

Does your friend like to go on hikes or like to explore the cities around them? Does the idea of sitting around at home playing a game sound horrible to them? Try introducing them to Pokemon Go! It’s the perfect game to play for beginners because of how simple it is, encourages an active lifestyle, and is better in groups when you’re going hunting for legendaries. All you need to do is encourage them to download the app, pick their team (preferably yours), and get them started on their incredible Pokemon journey.


Image Via Jagex

Another nostalgic blast from the past title is Runescape. Who could forget landing on the tutorial island to learn how to cook shrimp and bake bread? Runescape has two versions today, Old School Runescape & RS3. If you want to introduce a fun MMO, try showing them how you used to play back in the day. If they’re not feeling the abysmal graphics show them RS3. This open-world teaches you how to create your own journey, whether you live the life of a skiller or a fighter is up to you.

Hitman 3

Image Via IO Interactive

Stealth is maybe what they’re interested in. We recommend trying out Hitman because every choice you make affects the mission. If you want to take out your enemy wearing a costume, do it! If you think you can poison them without getting caught, try it out! The only rule there is while playing Hitman is not to get caught. If they want to play games that’s all about patience, Hitman is the perfect game for them.

Life Is Strange

Image Via DON’T NOD

Your friend enjoys reading and you’ve caught them playing episodes on their phone. Introducing Life is Strange is a great title for players who want to become part of the story. They’ll meet a cast of likable characters and will learn how to use Max’s rewinding time ability. At first, the story might seem simple enough, but as you progress you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next. This episodic adventure is fun because as you progress you have to make crazy choices that will either make or break you.

Among Us

Image Via InnerSloth

The game that tests your friendship. Is your friend good at lying? This will definitely uncover the truth. Among Us is a game you can download on your mobile device and consoles where you are part of a team in space. As you do chores around the ship you come across a dead body. Who killed your friend? It could be someone you knew could be capable of killing or someone you never would have guessed. Introduce this game if you’re ready to finish a friendship.

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