AFK Arena Codes

Looking for the latest working AFK Arena codes? We have a list of the most recent active codes for December 2020. You can redeem any of these codes for in-game items like Soulstones, Diamonds, Gold, Essence, and Scrolls. If you are an active AFK Arena player, these codes can get you a lot of currency. 

Currency and other items are required to upgrade your gear and heroes. Buy new heroes and equipment from the Tavern using Diamonds. Players can also use scrolls to select some new heroes, as well.

How to Redeem Codes in AFK Arena

To redeem codes in AFK arena, open up this link and enter your UID. You can fidn your UID by clicking on your profile icon from the top left. The ID is shown on the top right, and should be a string of numbers. Click on Send Code and then check your in-game mailbox for the verification.

Enter the verification code into the box on the site and log-in. You can then enter any of the promo codes shown below and redeem them for your prize.

AFK Arena Codes

These are all the active and working AFK Arena codes. Make sure to enter them exactly as they appear and to be cautious of capital letters and numbers. 

  • bprc9kun5i – New Code (Expires on May 3).
  • happy2021 – Faction Scroll x30
  • persona5 – Hero’s Essence x500, Diamonds x500, Gold x500k
  • 6wgh9ung66: Diamonds x1000
  • 311j4hw00d: Hero’s Essence x500, Diamonds x500, 500k Gold
  • 101nc107h: Diamonds x100, 100k Gold
  • 311j4hw00d: Diamonds x100, 500k Gold
  • Afkmarkiplier: Diamonds x300, Elite Hero Shards x30
  • AFKelijah: 1000k Gold, Hero’s Essence x500, Diamonds x500
  • afk888: Diamonds x300, 20,000 Gold, Hero’s Essence x100
  • Badlijey666: Diamonds x100, 100k Gold
  • BestRPG4BusyU: Diamonds x500, 500k Gold
  • Ch3atc0de: Diamonds x100, 100k Gold
  • d14m0nd5: Diamonds x100, 100k Gold
  • HaruruAFK: Common Hero Scrolls x5, Diamonds x1000, 1500 Gold
  • misevj66yi: Rare Hero Soulstones 60, Diamonds x500, Common Hero Scrolls x5
  • overlord666: Hero’s Essence x500, Diamonds x500, 500k Gold
  • uf4shqjngq: Common Hero Scrolls x30
  • xmasl00t: Diamonds x100, 100k Gold

AFK Arena is a game developed by Lilith Games and is available on iOS and Android.


What kind of game is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is an action RPG card game for mobile devices. Features like auto farming allow you to progress through the game while not actively playing it.

How popular is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena has over 6 million players on iOS and Android devices. There are over 48 different in-game characters to collect across a total of six factions.