How long do Mega Evolutions last in Pokemon Go

Mega Evolutions are now available in Pokemon Go for select Pokemon. If you want to Mega Evolve some of your Pokemon, you will need to participate in Mega Raids and collect some Mega Energy. At the end of the raid, you’ll get Mega Energy for whichever Mega Pokemon you encounter. But how long do Mega Evolutions last in Pokemon Go?

How long do Mega Evolutions last in Pokemon Go?

Mega Evolutions last for a total of four hours in Pokemon Go. You can view the timer in the menu. The Pokemon will return to its normal state after the timer for Mega Evolution runs out. 

Select Pokemon can Mega Evolve using the new resource called Mega Energy. You can collect Mega Energy by completing Mega Raids, a new type of Raid Battle featuring Mega-Evolved Pokemon. You will earn more Mega Energy for defeating Mega Raid Bosses faster. 

Pokemon that you Mega Evolve will require less Mega Energy to evolve again in the future. While your Pokemon is Mega-Evolved, you can take advantage of it by using it in Gym battles, Team Go battles, friend battles, and making it your buddy and taking some snapshots.

Different Pokemon like Charizard have multiple mega forms. You can choose between Charizard X (Fire/Dragon) or Charizard Y (Fire/Flying), for instance. Check out the Mega Evolution Research Tasks in case you haven’t seen it yet.