Excadrill Best Moveset in Pokemon Go

Best moves Excadrill can use
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Now is the perfect time to start going out with friends to play Pokemon Go. There are plenty of Pokemon you can catch, power up, and battle with as you take down members of Team Rocket. Powering up Pokemon and catching extremely powerful Pokemon are the key to becoming the best trainer out there. One of the Pokemon you can catch is Excadrill and we’re going to teach you some of its best move sets in the game.

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What are Excadrill’s best moves in Pokemon Go

Battling in gyms requires you to have a team that’s weak against your team and that’s powerful. There are different ways you can level up your Pokemon’s combat level and that’s by using candies you acquire after you’ve caught or hatched the same Pokemon. Some Pokemon you catch will have different moves so it’s important to catch a few of them.

Excadrill is a ground/steel Pokemon and it’s powerful against fairy, ice, and rock Pokemon. Due to it being both ground and steel, it has advantages against poison, electricity, and steel as well. Some of its powerful moves are Mud Slap and Earthquake. This is because it has high damage when fighting against the Pokemon types we’ve listed above.

What are Excadrill’s best defensive moves in Pokemon Go

Fighting Pokemon isn’t always about dealing tons of damage. You also need moves that are great in order to defend yourself. Excadrill has a few moves that help during PVP or gym battles such as Metal Claw or Iron Head. If you want to boost Excadrill’s level and use it to its full potential you should try catching it when its IVs are perfect, meaning, it will be a three-star leveled Pokemon. Be careful sending Excadrill to battle because it is weak against Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Water moves.

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