What is the Ribbon in Pokemon Go? Nearby Badge Feature Explained

Anyone notice that Ribbon? Only us?
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If you’re someone who plays Pokemon Go religiously on your walks, just like we are, you’ve probably noticed a ribbon attached to random Poke Stops. These ribbons didn’t pop up before and if you’re constantly playing, new updates, are pretty hard to miss. This isn’t just a design feature, the ribbons serve a purpose. The next time you’re going outside and want to catch some Pokemon you’re going to want to learn what the ribbon does. Here’s everything you need to know about the nearby badge ribbon feature update in Pokemon Go.

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What is the Ribbon in Pokemon Go?

A Poke Stop is a location where you can click on it to earn rewards or defeat Team Rocket members for extra items. If you’re trying to find a nearby Pokemon you don’t have in your Pokedex you need to head for the Poke Stop. Recently, players have noticed a ribbon on the Poke Stop showing nearby Pokemon in the area. If you’re wondering why it’s there and what the ribbon is for, keep reading. We have finally discovered its purpose.

The ribbon is there in order to help you complete activities during the week. If there is a Pokemon you need to catch in order to complete the Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week activity, it’ll be marked with a ribbon. There are a few quests that require you to catch Pokemon such as an Omastar or Lileep. The ribbon is simply there to remind you that if you catch the Pokemon you’ll be one step closer to completing your mission.

How to Catch Far-Away Pokemon

If you’re having a difficult time catching a Pokemon that’s just too far from you, there are a few ways to draw them closer. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to give up catching a Pokemon we don’t have registered to our Pokedex because the walk over to it is too long. One of the ways you can draw a Pokemon closer to you is by using incense. This will attract a Pokemon you don’t have registered to your Pokedex. You can also try using lure modules by attaching them to Poke Stops to draw a far-away Pokemon closer.

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