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How Do You Fix Fall Guys Connection Errors? Answered

Looks like someone dropped a cake on the server again.
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Since going free-to-play, a fresh influx of players has waddled their way into the pastel realm of Fall Guys. While it’s good that lots of players are coming in, though, more players, more often than not, means more issues, mostly of the connectivity persuasion. So, how do you fix Fall Guys connection errors?

How Do You Fix Fall Guys Connection Errors?

Fall Guys has never been the most stable game, connection-wise. These kinds of problems were quite common when the game first came out, and though it’s a lot better now, they still crop up on occasion. The vast majority of these problems are serverside, which means there’s not a whole lot you can do to fix them besides just waiting. Before you do any tinkering, check in with the official Fall Guys Twitter to see if there are any ongoing server issues. On the off chance, it’s not a server issue, though, there are some tricks you can try.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Use a wired connection
  • Free up bandwidth on your PC
  • Message game support

Check Your Internet

Fall Guys is, of course, an online-only game, and a deceptively intensive one at that. You need to have a strong, consistent internet connection to maintain your line to a game session, or else you’ll drop out. That’s assuming you can even connect at all.

Run an online speed test to determine how strong your internet is in terms of upload and download speed. You want around 2-3 Mbps for downloads and 1-2 Mbps for uploads. If you’re below that, your internet might just not be good enough.

Use a Wired Connection

One good way to shore up your internet is to use a wired connection. A hardline between your computer/console and your internet router provides a much steadier connection than wi-fi, and is much less likely to be interrupted by ambient things like the weather or your mom using a hair dryer.

If you’re specifically using a game console, there should be an ethernet port you can plug a cable into on the back. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, you will need a special accessory to connect your Switch with an ethernet cable.

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Free Up Bandwidth

If there are a lot of programs open on your computer, you might not have the necessary bandwidth available to properly run Fall Guys. Open your task manager with the ol’ Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get a readout of what programs are using the most data on your connection. If there are any particularly data-intensive programs running, and you’re not actively using them, close them to free up space.

In a similar vein, make sure you’re not being limited by a metered connection. If you share an internet connection with other people like family or friends, you simply might not have enough bandwidth available to you. You’ll just have to wait or ask your housemates nicely to stop using the internet.

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Message Game Support

Since Fall Guys is so prone to connection problems, the devs maintain a support page just for it. The page features tips and advice for various problems, and if you need more specific help, you can message the support staff directly. You will need to log in with an Epic Games account to use this service, however.

The support page is also another good spot to check for any ongoing connection issues. If the devs are aware of any ongoing problems, there will be messages shown at the top of the page.

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