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How Does Pity Work in Genshin Impact?

How Does Pity Work in Genshin Impact?

If you’ve heard the term “pity” being thrown around the Genshin Impact community, it is most likely referring to how the Character and Weapon Wish Banners work. Follow along below to understand what pity is and how it works in Genshin Impact.

What is Pity in Genshin Impact

Simply put, pity is a system that guarantees a 4-Star or 5-Star character/weapon after making a certain number of wishes. This system has been put in place, so the outcome of the wishes isn’t solely based on luck. From MiHoYo’s perspective, pity also keeps players gambling and making more wishes knowing they’re bound to get something good eventually. 

How does pity work in Genshin Impact?

Let’s take a look at the specifics of the pity system. First of all, each banner type is separate from the others, meaning the “Character Event Wish,” “Weapon Event Wish,” and the “Standard Wish” all have their own pity. So, for example, if you pull a 5-Star from the “Weapon Event Wish,” it will not count as a 5-Star pull for the other two Wish Banners. 

Furthermore, if you pull on the “Weapon Event Wish,” it will take 80 wishes to hit the pity limit and guarantee that you receive a 5-Star. The “Character Event Wish” and “Standard Wish” Banners will take 90 wishes before you are guaranteed a 5-Star pull.

Here are some of the other rules regarding the pity system:

  • Your pity count will reset after you receive a 5-Star character/weapon.
  • You are guaranteed at least a 4-Star every 10 wishes.
  • In some instances, you may pull a 5-Star character like Mona or Jean instead of the featured character, such as Eula, Klee, and Kazuha. If you happen to pull a 5-Star character or weapon that is not the one featured on the Wish Banner, your next 5-Star pull from this Wish Banner is guaranteed to be the one featured. 
  • You can view how many wishes since your last 5-Star (or 4-Star) by going to the “Wish Menu” and hitting on the History button. At the top of the page, choose whichever Banner you’d like to view the history of; then, you’ll have to manually count from the last 5-Star pull to figure out how close you are to your pity limit.

To reiterate what we’ve covered above, here is an example:

To make this a little easier to understand, let’s start by assuming you make a wish on the current “Character Event Wish” Banner and get the 5-Star character Eula. Your pity counter has just been reset to 0 since you pulled a 5-Star. 

Now you make ten more wishes from the same Wish Banner (whether all at once or one at a time), and your last (or tenth) wish is guaranteed to be at least a 4-Star character or weapon. We’ll pretend you get the 4-Star character Xinyan. Now let’s make ten more wishes. Again, you will be guaranteed at least a 4-Star character or weapon. 

This will continue until you’ve reached 75 wishes. At any point, you may receive another 5-Star due to luck. However, let’s assume you’ve been a bit unlucky. From the time that you pulled Eula to now, you’ve made 70 new wishes. You haven’t pulled another 5-Star character/weapon from the “Character Event Wish” since then, but have received 4-Star characters/weapons after every ten pulls (total of 7, since you’ve made 70 wishes). 

After 75 wishes, however, you will hit a “soft pity,” which slightly increases your chance of receiving a 5-star. Still no guarantee, though. Now you’re 80 wishes in and still no 5-Star. Only after making your 90th wish since your last 5-Star pull will you be 100% guaranteed to get another 5-star character/weapon from THAT Banner

Keep in mind each time you pull a 5-Star character/weapon, your pity will reset. 

As a final note, we would like to link to this Reddit post, as it may answer some further questions or provide other information. 

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