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How to get more Fish Bait in Genshin Impact

How to get more Fish Bait in Genshin Impact

With the introduction of fishing in Genshin Impact Update 2.1, players will need to worry about one more type of resource: fish bait. No fishing expedition can happen without a decent amount of fish bait, and there’s plenty to be had in Teyvat. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get more Fish Bait in Genshin Impact, so you’ll have a never-ending supply.

If you’re brand new to this update and haven’t really got around to exploring yet, read our guide on how to fish in Genshin Impact. The starter quest rewards you with 40 Bait in total. You’ll receive 10 Fake Fly Bait, 10 False Worm Bait, 10 Redrot Bait, and 10 Fruit Paste Bait. Each one will attract a different species of fish, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how they work.

Remember to refer to our Genshin Impact Fishing Points guide for a complete list of all the fishing locations in Teyvat. 

How to get more Fish Bait in Genshin Impact

To get more Fish Bait in Genshin Impact, you will need to purchase the Formulas from the Fishing Association. Nantuck, the Mondstadt fisherman, sells three formulas for Redrot Bait, False Worm Bait, and Fake Fly Bait. Each formula will cost you three Medaka fish to purchase. You will automatically receive the Fruit Paste Bait formula when you complete the Exploding Population fishing quest from Nantuck. 

Fish Bait Formulas in Genshin Impact

Once you get the formula, you can learn them as you would any other recipe. Open up your bag, navigate to your Previous Items tab, and learn the formula. To craft Fish Bait in Genshin Impact, go to any Alchemy station in any major city like Mondstadt, and craft them there. Each one requires a different set of crafting materials, which you can view in the next section.

How to craft Fish Bait in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Bait Crafting Requirements

Here are the items you will need to make each type of bait in Genshin Impact:

  • Fruit Paste Bait: 1 Wheat, 1 Sunsettia
  • Redrot Bait: 1 Dendrobium, 1 Fowl
  • Fake Fly Bait: 1 Horsetail, 1 Sakura Bloom
  • False Worm Bait: 1 Slime Condensate, 1 Berry

What type of fish does each bait catch in Genshin Impact?

Here’s a list of fish that each bait type will catch in Genshin Impact:

  • Fruit Paste Bait: Medakas, Crystalfish, Dawncatcher
  • Redrot Bait: Akai Maou, Betta, Lunged Stickleback, Snowstrider, Venomspine Fish
  • Fake Fly Bait: Abiding Angelfish, Brown Shirakodai, Tea-Colored Shirakodai
  • False Worm Bait: Bitter Pufferfish, Golden Koi, Pufferfish, Rusty Koi

The full list is subject to change with future updates, so check back later for more updates.

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