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DOOM Eternal is scheduled to release on March 20th, 2020. Check out the full list of release dates broken out by platform to see when you can get your hands on it and start your demon-slaying adventure.

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One of the best parts about DOOM is the arsenal of weapons at your disposal. This guide will take a look at all the various weapons, old and new, that will be available in DOOM Eternal.


The Ballista is a new weapon to the Doom series that fires a single powerful shot using energy cells. Arbalest is a mod that allows the shot to be charged, causing it to stick on an enemy and detonate. Destroyer Blades is the second mod that charges the Ballista and unleashes a wave of energy that cuts through enemies. This weapon is unlocked after Cultist Base in the Fortress of Doom.


The classic BFG9000 was shown in the E3 DOOM Eternal gameplay trailer. It shoots out a huge green slow-moving ball that melts any demon in its path. This weapon keeps track of your kill count which is displayed in the reticle. When going into the Mars Core, you can find the BFG-9000 inside the BFG-10000.


The Chaingun is capable of unleashing heavy bullets against big groups of demons. Two modifications are available for the chaingun: Turret Form and Energy Shield. Turret form makes you stationary and fires a more steady line of bullets. Energy Shield places a shield in front of you while you shoot. This weapon can be found during the Super Gore Nest mission behind one of the locked doors.


Another weapon returning to DOOM Eternal is the chainsaw, one of the most gruesome weapons in the game. It will have all the same functionality as before and be just as deadly.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun from DOOM 2016 returns in Doom Eternal. It’s the first weapon you start with and proves useful in close-quarter situations. One modification launches three sticky grenades that explode after a short delay which is great for multiple enemies. A second mod turns it into a full-auto weapon, ideal for single target damage.


This weapon is integrated into the player’s suit, on the left wrist. The blade can rip through demon flesh and armor with ease. It’s one of your standard melee attacks with Doom Guy.

Heavy Cannon

The Heavy Cannon functions similar to the Heavy Assault rifle from Doom 2016. Bring up the scope to target a single enemy with a precision shot. Semi-auto mode uses 4 bullets per shot. Each side of the gun is capable of launching 6 miniature missiles out of it.

Plasma Rifle

A Plasma Rifle is a great weapon choice against shielded demons. It’s fully automatic with a high rate of fire and has a Microwave Beam capable of frying enemies. Enemies caught in this will explode and damage other enemies around them. Heatwave Blast increases the damage the longer you use the weapon. The Plasma Rifle can be found during the Exultia mission.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a crowd favorite. It’s perfect for taking out crowds of enemies or taking a big chunk out of a single target’s health. The first modification for the Rocket launcher is remote detonation. This allows you to choose when to detonate the rocket. The second modification is lock-on which will cause the rocket to focus on a single target. You can find this in the Cultist Base mission on a ledge right before the Mancubus demons.

Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun is a classic favorite for Doom Guy. This double-barreled shotgun is optimal for up close and personal combat. It has one weapon modification, which is a hook that latches onto an enemy and drags you into them so you can deliver a shot to their face.


According to the Doom Bible, Unmaker is a “demon-tech weapon that hurts pure demons a lot, demon-humans very little, tech demons some. The Dark Claw and Unmaker feed on human souls. Killing possessed humans or hell slaves allows the weapon to feed.”

To unlock the Unmaker you will need to defeat all six slayer gates and get all six imperial keys.

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