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What is DOOM Eternal Horde Mode?

What is DOOM Eternal Horde Mode?
Image via Bethesda / id Software

What I’ve learned from playing through the campaigns of the last two DOOM games is that the Doom Slayer is so incredibly, perpetually ticked off, killing demons is pretty much the only thing he can do anymore with any semblance of clarity. It’s why he’s so good at it; it’s all he knows anymore. Kinda sad if you think about it. But also really fun to watch! If you like seeing demons get brutalized by a very angry man, DOOM Eternal is getting an update I think you’ll enjoy. So, what is DOOM Eternal Horde Mode?

Yesterday, Bethesda released a new trailer teasing DOOM Eternal’s new Update 6.66 (hardy har har). This update will include, among other things, a revamped Battlemode with new arenas, some new Master Levels, and of course, Horde Mode. We don’t have an official document detailing Horde Mode as of yet, but based on the trailer, we can infer a few things.

What is DOOM Eternal Horde Mode?

Horde Mode was originally a mod conceptualized by the DOOM Eternal modding community. Whether the official dev team took inspiration from that or the naming is just a coincidence, I couldn’t say, but either way, Horde Mode seems to work similarly to its unofficial counterpart. It consists of multiple, arcade style rounds in which you’re pitted against waves of demons, with the demons employed becoming steadily more powerful as you go on. Wiping up foes quickly increases your score, moreso if you pick up score multiplier items, and rewards you with perks and upgrades to keep you in the game. 

The original mod did have a set ending at the end of its many waves, though it’s not known yet if the official Horde Mode will also have an ending or if it just goes on forever. Either way, though, if you want to kill a lot of demons in the fastest, flashiest way possible, Horde Mode will offer many opportunities when it’s added to the game on October 26th.

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