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Best Doom 3 Weapon Mods

Take your arsenal to the next level!
Shooting Undead in Doom 3
Image via id Software

Doom 3 is an iconic first-person shooter that has terrorized gamers with its relentless onslaught of demonic forces for nearly two decades. While the game has certainly aged well, it’s the modding community that continues to breathe new life into this old classic, keeping the adrenaline-pumping action fresh and exhilarating.

One of the key elements that have kept players engaged with Doom 3 over the years is the wide variety of weapon mods that have become available. Whether you’re looking to relive the classic Doom experience with better weapons or simply crave a more action-packed and visceral adventure, this list of all the best weapon mods for Doom 3 has you covered!

Best Weapon Mods for Doom 3

Among the many mods that enrich the Doom 3 experience, weapon mods stand out as a way to wield unimaginable power and style in your battle against the forces of darkness. Whether you’re a veteran of the series or a newcomer to the horrors of Mars, weapon mods are the perfect way to redefine your Doom 3 experience.

With these weapon mods, you’ll wield an array of firearms and explosive devices that are not only more formidable but also immensely more satisfying. As you prepare to descend into the depths of Hell once more, remember that these mods are not just about arming yourself with more power; they’re about ensuring that every demon you encounter meets its doom in the most thrilling and spectacular fashion possible!

It’s time to boot up your old save file, step back into the dark corridors of Doom 3, and once again, unleash Hell with these Doom 3 weapon mods:

Doom 3 Phobos Mod

Doom 3 Phobos Mod
Image via id Software/luskahn

The Doom 3 Phobos mod is probably one of the most popular and well-known Doom 3 mods out there. This mod adds a lot of changes to Doom 3, including tons of weapon upgrades! This mod created by Team Future and uploaded to Nexus Mods by luskahn totally overhauls Doom 3’s weapons, including completely replacing the vanilla shotgun with a more powerful medium-range shotgun.

Weapons of Mars Destruction Mod

Enemies in Doom 3
Image via id Software/Lippeth

You know that any mod with the word “destruction” in its title has gotta be good, and the Weapons of Mars Destruction mod only further proves that theory. This mod by Lippeth on Mod DB completely overhauls how the weapons in Doom 3 operate; it changes how Doom 3’s weapons fire, how they sound, how much damage they put out, how much ammo they eat up, and more!

Doom 3 Enhanced Edition (D3EE) Mod

D3EE Mod Doom 3
Image via id Software/snapshot_

This mod by snapshot_ on Mod DB changes a whole lot more than just Doom 3’s weapons, but it’s worth downloading for the weapon modifications alone. The Doom 3 Enhanced Edition mod completely enhances and modernizes several aspects of the game, including enhancing the visual and auditory aspects of Doom 3’s weapons; overall, it turns Doom 3 into an even more immersive experience than it already was.

Realistic Weapons Mod

Realistic Weapons Mod Doom 3
Image via id Software/Killatomate

If you’ve ever hated how animated and unrealistic the weapons in Doom 3 looked, then this mod by Killatomate on Mod DB is for you! The Realistic Weapons mod, as its name would suggest, makes all of the pre-existing weapons in Doom 3 look, feel, and sound a hell of a lot more realistic (pun intended).

Alpha Shotgun Mod

Alpha Shotgun Mod Doom 3
Image via id Software/Phobos90

If you, like many other Doom 3 fans, felt unsatisfied by the shotgun in Doom 3, then you definitely need to check out this mod by Phobos90 on Nexus Mods. This mod replaces the shotgun in Doom 3 with the cooler, heftier, hellishly more stylish one seen in the early E3 Alpha version of the game.

Z-Hunter Mod

Doom 3 Z Hunter Mod
Image via id Software/Red_Uk

This mod practically turns Doom 3 into a different game and is the perfect option for anyone trying to reignite the spark of passion they once had for this classic entry in the Doom franchise. The Z-Hunter mod by Red_Uk on Mod DB not only adds 2 brand-new unique weapons to the game, but it also adds 8 new maps, unique player animations, and 20 custom-designed enemies!

Reload Rate and Ammo Value Tweaked Mod

Reload Rate and Ammo Value Tweaked Mod Doom 3
Image via id Software/swordclash117

This Doom 3 weapon mod does exactly as its title suggests; it adjusts the reload rate of the Doom 3 shotgun from 2 to 1, adjusts the plasma gun ammo cells to give 50 and 100 instead of 25 and 50, adjusts the rockets to give 4 and 8 instead of 5 and 10, and adjusts the hand grenade pick-up item to give 4 instead of 5. If this all sounds like it’d be right up your alley, then go ahead and check out this mod by swordclash117 on Nexus Mods!

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Doom 3 Mods 2019 Weapons Lights + Blood Extended Mod

Doom 3 Mods 2019 Weapons Lights + Blood Extended Mod Doom 3
Image via id Software/SpiritusSanctus

This mod’s title may be a mouthful, but it’s easily one of the most detailed weapon mods for Doom 3 out there. It admittedly doesn’t change much in the game, but the little that it does change makes all the difference! This mod by SpiritusSanctus on Mod DB creates and edits the lights on all weapons in Doom 3, in addition to extending the time that the blood splashes out of enemies.

Weapon Sounds Pack Mod

Doom 3 Screenshot
Image via id Software

The Weapon Sounds Pack mod may not be as flashy as some of the other mods on this list, but it’s definitely still worth a download. This mod by Phanjam on Nexus Mods changes the sound effects for nearly all of the weapons in the game, including the Chaingun, Grenades, Machine Gun, Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Shotgun.

Teh Base – Weapons Mod v2.4 Work with Patch 1.3.1

Teh Base - Weapons Mod v2.4 Work with Patch 1.3.1 Doom 3
Image via id Software/wARmAcH1n3

I wouldn’t recommend trying to say this mod’s name five times fast, but I would recommend giving it a download! This mod is by wARmAcH1n3 on Nexus Mods, and it completely overhauls the entire game. Like seriously, if you want a nearly brand-new Doom 3 experience, then you need to check this one out; it adds new maps, new weapons, and even new storylines to the base game!

Whether you’re a seasoned Doom aficionado or are somehow new to the infernal horrors of Mars, these Doom 3 mods provide an opportunity to redefine and revitalize your gaming experience totally!

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