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How to Do All Glory Kills in Mighty Doom

It's somehow very horrifying yet very adorable
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Image via Bethesda Softworks LLC

If there’s one thing that transfers over from the mainline Doom games to Mighty Doom, it’s the ability to rip and tear. While the art style lends itself to being more cutesy and family friendly, Mighty Doom is anything but that. Players are thrown into the game with a myriad of weapons with the objective being to survive as many levels as possible. Throughout these levels you’ll be killing so many demons you might miss a key feature. This mechanic can not only be a quick and easy way of dealing with a difficult enemy, it can also save you from imminent death. Let’s jump through and find out how to do all Glory Kills in Mighty Doom.

How to Do All Glory Kills in Mighty Doom

How to do all Glory Kills in Mighty Doom key art
Image via Bethesda Softworks LLC

The basics of Mighty Doom is pretty straightforward: defeat demons, upgrade abilities, and reap the rewards. You might have noticed during the tutorial something about mentioning Glory Kills, a system copied from the newest iteration of the Doom franchise.

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For players who are returning to the Doom universe, this system should be very familiar to you. Those that either don’t remember or never played the new games, this feature will be your saving grace. By killing demons, you have a chance to stagger them and perform a Glory Kill on them. Walk up to an enemy that is staggered (you can tell by the green circle under them) and the game will automatically perform the animation. Not only does it put fear in the non-hearts of the rest of the demons, but every Glory Kill will spawn extra health for the Slayer. Since there is a plethora of action happening on the screen, look for the green arrow under your Slayer if you’re unsure of where the staggered enemy is. Now get back out there and be sure to rip out some Cacodemon eyeballs while you’re at it.

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