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How to get the Slayers Club Skin in Mighty Doom

Sadly, if you want better stats for your Slayer, you'll have to bust out the wallet weapon.
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When you think of Doom you don’t normally think of a Vampire Survivor-esque mobile game. However in 2023, Bethesda released a mobile game called Mighty Doom. With the game taking queues from, as well as the aforementioned Vampire Survivors. Your task is to rip and tear through hordes of demons, fight challenging bosses representing iconic Doom enemies, and upgrade your Slayer in the process. Speaking of upgrades, there are a plethora of cosmetics for players to acquire, and some of them even have boosted stats tied to them. In particular, let’s open a portal and find out how to get the Slayer Club skin in Mighty Doom.

How to get the Slayers Club Skin in Mighty Doom

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After playing your way through the tutorial and figuring out how to upgrade your Slayer skins and guns, you’ll notice a few things. First, not only do skins for your character change your appearance, but they even have specific stats tied to them. A certain skin might increase your health, or it could increase your chances of dodging attacks.

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The Slayers Club skin, as the name suggest, is available to players who link their Slayers Club account with Mighty Doom. This is tied to your Bethesda account so if you don’t have one, you can go ahead and create one. In order to connect your account, simply load into the game, select the settings icon in the top left of the main menu. From here, select “redeem code” and under where you can type in codes, there should be an option to log in to Slayers Club. There will also be an option to redirect you to a web browser so you can create a Bethesda account if you don’t have one.

Strangely though, it seems as if your Bethesda account isn’t the same as your slayers account. Meaning, you will have to create a Bethesda account, go over to their website through the game, and join the Slayers Club. While the Slayers Club skin is just a variation of the default Slayer, it’s clear the devs want to take as much money from you as possible. As referenced by the fact that you can pay $5-$10 for a single skin that has better stats.

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