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Can you Pet Dogs in Diablo 4? Answered

Werewolves and Wolves in Diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 is the latest in a long list of amazing Diablo games by Blizzard Entertainment. This hack-and-slash adventure game has all of the familiar elements Diablo fans know and love, along with a few new extras; including, but not limited to, dogs!

You wouldn’t think you’d find adorable, fluffy puppers in a dark and treacherous game like Diablo 4, but you’d be wrong! There’s a delightfully large number of domestic dogs in this game, but the one question on everyone’s minds is whether or not they’re pet-able. Keep reading to find out if you can pet the dogs in Diablo 4!

Can you Pet Dogs in Diablo 4?

The only thing more fun than slaughtering legions of undead enemies is petting dogs, and surprisingly, Diablo 4 lets you do both! Players can pet any and all domesticated dogs they can find in the game, which can conveniently be found wandering around towns. When petted, the dogs will wag their tails and kneel closer for better-quality pets!

Domesticated dogs are the only canines that players are permitted to pet, which is likely for the best. You probably wouldn’t want to go around trying to pet wild wolves or werewolves, no matter how tempting it may be (if not friend, then why friend shaped?).

Petting Dogs in Diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Players may never know what it’s like to pet werewolves in Diablo 4 (they just look so fluffy), but they will know what it’s like to pet dogs. Anytime the game starts getting too stressful, just head on over to the nearest town and start petting some dogs; you’ll feel better instantly!

Can You Adopt a Dog in Diablo 4?

If you thought getting to pet dogs in Diablo 4 was amazing, then wait until you hear this: you can actually adopt a pet dog in the Diablo 4 beta! Sort of, anyway. If players participate in the Diablo 4 beta, regardless of whether it’s the open beta or early-access beta, and reach level 20, they’ll automatically earn the Wolf Pack cosmetic.

The Wolf Pack cosmetic allows you to carry a sweet little wolf puppy with you wherever you go! This cosmetic adds a sweet little pupper that players can carry on their backs as they navigate Sanctuary’s dark landscapes. If carrying around a swaddled-up baby wolf with you everywhere doesn’t improve your gameplay by 100%, then I don’t know what will.

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Dogs aren’t the only things to get excited about in Diablo 4! Diablo 4 is packed full of exciting features, such as incredibly immersive character customizations, ridiculously wicked weapons, and crazy good PvP! If you ever get stuck in the game or just want to learn more about all of its awesome new features, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s huge supply of Diablo 4 guides!

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