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Where to Find All Diablo 4 Dungeons – Location Guide

Time for some Dungeon Crawling.

Every Diablo 4 fan knows that dungeons are one big part of this legendary RPG. As announced in March by Blizzard, the game will feature over 150 dungeons, some of which won’t be available from the get-go. There will be a fixed number of dungeons that slowly unlock on the map as you gain levels, but some others, like Nightmare Dungeons, will unlock only when you have completed the campaign.

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You will also find dungeons on the places of strongholds that you cleared out or find one-room dungeons all over the open world. Hop into our article to see all dungeon locations in Diablo 4 so you can go and get that renown!

Dungeon Locations in Diablo 4

As you explore the world of Diablo 4, you will stumble across a multitude of Dungeons. Their exterior can sometimes appear hidden, and you never know where those darkened pathways will lead. Other times they have more obvious entrances such as an entrance to a cave or giant metal gates.

Your goal is to enter and complete its passage, through standard Dungeon Crawling whilst simultaneously opening Chests that offer upgraded Gear for the Dungeon climax, or Gold for Blacksmith visits after you beat the Dungeon. And last but not least – aspects. These legendary passive skills are key for late-game builds.

Although the main point of the Dungeons is to banish all foes and grind for that precious loot, there are objectives within each Dungeon that you should complete to get every possible reward available. You can also reset the Dungeons whenever you would like, which allows you to re-enter the Dungeons you previously visited to gain any loot you may have missed or were not able to grab.

Similar to Destiny 2’s loot, each upgrade/Legendary Item cannot be collected by every member in your party, so you may need to reset these Dungeons in order to obtain all Legendary Gear the Dungeon has to offer. However, if you do reset, all Dungeons aside from Campaign Dungeons will reset so you cannot choose to reset only one.

We will showcase all dungeon locations by area so you have a clear overview of the situation and can easily hop from one region to another and conquer your favorite dungeon.

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All Fractured Peaks Dungeon Locations

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Fractured Peaks has a total of 23 Dungeons and here is the full list of their Legendary Aspects.

  1. Mercy’s Reach – Blood Seeker’s Aspect (Necromancer)
  2. Forbidden City – Nighthowler’s Aspect (Druid)
  3. Caldera Gate – Eluding Aspect (All Classes)
  4. Nostrava Deepwood – Flesh Rending Aspect (Necromancer)
  5. Derelict Lodge – Aspect of Explosive Verve (Rogue)
  6. Cultist Refuge – Flamewalker’s Aspect (Sorcerer)
  7. Tormented Ruins – Aspect of the Unsatiated (Druid)
  8. Lost Archives – Aspect of the Protector (All Classes)
  9. Defiled Catacomb – Aspect of the Tempering Blows (Barbarian)
  10. Light’s Watch – Aspect of Conflagration (Sorcerer)
  11. Maulwood – Shaking Aspect (Barbarian)
  12. Dead Man’s Dredge – Aspect of Piercing Cold (Sorcerer)
  13. Immortal Emanation – Mangled Aspect (Druid)
  14. Hallowed Ossuary – Aspect of Unrelenting Fury (Barbarian)
  15. Anica’s Claim – Stormclaw’s Aspect (Druid)
  16. Rimescar Cavern – Aspect of Plunging Darkness (Necromancer)
  17. Sanguine Chapel – Energizing Aspect (Rogue)
  18. Zenith – Recharging Aspect (Sorcerer)
  19. Kor Valar – Blast-Trapper’s Aspect (Rogue)
  20. Hoarfrost Demise – Blood-bathed Aspect (Necromancer)
  21. Black Asylum – Asylum of Torment (Necromancer
  22. Forsaken Quarry – Aspect of Encircling Blades (Rogue)
  23. Kor Dragan Barracks – Aspect of Anemia (Barbarian)

All Scosglen Dungeon Locations

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Map Genie

Scosglen has a total of 25 dungeons. Here is the map and the full list of all aspects that you can find there.

  1. Flooded Depths – Aspect of Empowering Reaper (Necromancer)
  2. Calibel’s Mine – Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster (Barbarian)
  3. Sunken Ruins – Aspect of Ancestral Force (Barbarian)
  4. Wretched Delve – Aspect of Static Cling (Sorcerer)
  5. Howling Warren – Aspect of Arrow Storms (Rogue)
  6. Pentinent Cairns – Death Wish Aspect (Barbarian)
  7. Vault of the Forsaken – Requiem Aspect (Necromancer)
  8. Underroot – Aspect of the Expectant (All Classes)
  9. Stockades – Crashstone Aspect (Druid)
  10. Raethwind Wilds – Aspect of the Inner Calm (All Classes)
  11. Domhainne Tunnels – Aspect of Efficiency (Sorcerer)
  12. Mariner’s Refuge – Overchardged Aspect (Druid)
  13. Luban’s Rest – Cheat’s Aspect (Rogue)
  14. Garan Hold – Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind (Barbarian)
  15. Aldurwood – Aspect of Reanimation (Necromancer)
  16. Twisted Hollow – Shadowslicer Aspect (Rogue)
  17. Feral’s Den – Aspect of Quicksand (Druid)
  18. Jalal’s Vigil – Bladedancer’s Aspect (Rogue)
  19. Oldstones – Edgemaster’s Aspect (All Classes)
  20. Whispering Pines – Ballistic Aspect (Druid)
  21. Demon’s Wake – Aspect of Uncanny Treachery (Rogue)
  22. Sarat’s Lair – Snowveiled Aspect (Sorcerer)
  23. Hive – Aspect of Swelling Curse (Necromancer)
  24. Broken Bullwark – Ghostwalker Aspect (All Classes)
  25. Maddux Watch – Charged Aspect (Sorcerer)

All Dry Steppes Dungeon Locations

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Map Genie

When in Dry Steppes you will be able to visit 21 dungeons. Check out our list below for all the Aspects that can be found there.

  1. Seaside Descent – Aspect of Retaliation (Druid)
  2. Dark Ravine – Aspect of Might (All Classes)
  3. Path of the Blind – Aspect of the Bursting Bones (Necromancer)
  4. Carrion Fields – Aspect of the Iron Warrior (Barbarian)
  5. Forgotten Depths – Aspect of Bitting Cold (Sorcerer)
  6. Onyx Hold – Storm Swell Aspects (Sorcerer)
  7. Mournfield – Aspect of Berserk Ripping (Barbarian)
  8. Grinning Labyrinth – Aspect of the Calm Breeze (Druid)
  9. Komodor Temple – Aspect of the Bounding Conduit (Sorcerer)
  10. Bloodsoaked Crag – Shepard’s Aspect (Druid)
  11. Guulrahn Canals – Trickster’s Aspects (Rogue)
  12. Guulrahn Slums – Splintering Aspects (Necromancer)
  13. Whispering Vault – Aspect of Unstable Imbuements (Rogue)
  14. Ancient’s Lament – Aspect of Volatile Shadows (Rogue)
  15. Buried Hall – Rapid Aspect (All Classes)
  16. Charnel House – Aspect of Perpetual Stomping (Barbarian)
  17. Sealed Archives – Aspect of Mending Stone (Druid)
  18. Shifting City – Ravenous Aspect (Rogue)
  19. Betrayer’s Row – Aspect of Potent Blood (Necromancer)
  20. Champion’s Demise – Aspect of the Umbral (All Classes)
  21. Pallid Delve – Elementalist’s Aspect (Sorcerer)

All Hawezar Dungeon Locations

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Map Genie

Hawezar has 23 dungeons as seen on the map above. See which Aspect you can expect from each dungeon.

  1. Light’s Refuge – Aspect of Bul-Kathos (Barbarian)
  2. Heathen’s Keep – Aspect of Numbing Wrath (Barbarian)
  3. Oblivion – Aspect of Shared Mystery (All Classes)
  4. Fetid Mausoleum – Snowguard’s Aspect (Sorcerer)
  5. Ancient Reservoir – Aspect of Ancestral Echoes (Barbarian)
  6. Bastion of Faith – Trickshot Aspect (Rogue)
  7. Akkhan’s Grasp – Blighted Aspect (Necromancer)
  8. Iron Hold – Fastblood Aspect (Necromancer)
  9. Steadfast Barracks – Vigorous Aspect (Druid)
  10. Haunted Refuge – Brawler’s Aspect (Barbarian)
  11. Lost Keep – Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier (All Classes)
  12. Endless Gates – Aspect of the Rampaging Warbeast (Druid)
  13. Serpent’s Lair – Aspect of Three Curses (Sorcerer)
  14. Belfly Zakara – Aspect of the Ursine Horror (Druid)
  15. Earthen Wound – Aspect of Singed Extremities (Sorcerer)
  16. Blind Burrows – Aspect of the Tempest (Druid)
  17. Maugan’s Works – Earthstriker’s Aspect (Barbarian)
  18. Shadowed Plunge – Aspect of Branching Volleys (Rogue)
  19. Witchwater – Prodigy’s Aspect (Sorcerer)
  20. Ruins of Eridu – Sacrificial Aspect (Necromancer)
  21. Faceless Shrine – Unyielding Commander’s Aspect (Necromancer)
  22. Leviathan’s Maw – Aspect of Siphoned Victuals (Rogue)
  23. Ghoa Ruins – Enshrouding Aspect (All Classes)

All Kehjistan Dungeon Locations

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Map Genie

Kehjistan is filled with all kinds of dungeons, 22 of them in total. Check out all the Aspects you can expect when clearing dungeons in this area.

  1. Tomb of the Saints – Incendiary Aspect (Sorcerer)
  2. Sepulcher of the Forsworn – Hulking Aspect (Necromancer)
  3. Shivta Ruins – Wind Striker Aspect (All Classes)
  4. Inferno – Vengeful Aspect (Rogue)
  5. Sirocco Caverns – Aspect of Echoing Fury (Barbarian)
  6. Fading Echo – Skinwalker’s Aspect (Druid)
  7. Sunken Library – Aspect of Control (Sorcerer)
  8. Yshari Sanctum – Needleflare Aspect (All Classes)
  9. Collapsed Vault – Aspect of Cyclonic Force (Druid)
  10. Halls of the Damned – Aspect of Disobedience (All Classes)
  11. Forgotten Ruins – Iron Blood Aspect (Barbarian)
  12. Putrid Aquifer – Aspect of the Unwavering (Sorcerer)
  13. Crusader’s Cathedral – Stormshifter’s Aspect (Druid)
  14. Heretic’s Asylum – Veteran Brawler’s Aspect (Barbarian)
  15. Corrupted Grotto – Aspect of Grasping Veins (Necromancer)
  16. Prison of Caldeum – Opportunist’s Aspect (Rogue)
  17. Renegade’s Retreat – Aspect of Corruption (Rogue)
  18. Conclave – Aspect of the Changling’s Debt (Druid)
  19. Deserted Underpass – Tortorous Aspect (Necromancer)
  20. Abandoned Mineworks – Aspect of Retribution (All Classes)
  21. Hakan’s Refuge – Relentless Berserker’s Aspect (Barbarian)
  22. Crumbling Hekma – Aspect of Splintering Energy (Sorcerer)

That was our guide on where to find all Diablo 4 Dungeons. If you want to learn more about Diablo 4 you can read our articles All Diablo 4 Waypoint Locations – How to Fast Travel and How to Unlock Occultist in Diablo 4. Join Gamer Journalist on Facebook and make sure you never miss another important gaming story.

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