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Most Powerful Aspects Your Sorcerer Dreams About in Diablo 4

What Aspects does your Sorcerer favor?

When you’re building your Sorcerer in Diablo 4 from the ground up you have plenty of opportunities ahead of you as you can branch them any way you want. However, as your skills build-up, and Legendary Aspects start dropping you’re thinking more about the strategy and the overall final build you’re going to have.

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Since Aspects play such a crucial role in Diablo 4 we decided to dive into these important buffs that can turn a build around and find the ones that are best for the Sorcerer. Keep in mind that the following list will present our opinion only and that you might have different thoughts about what works best for your mighty wizard. Nevertheless, here’s our take on the best Aspects you can use with the Sorcerer in Diablo 4.

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What Aspects are the Best for Your Sorcerer in Diablo 4?

We’ve decided to pick 6 Aspects that we believe can benefit your Sorcerer immensely and bring him to the next level. We know everyone likes to create lists with nice round numbers like 5 or 10 best Aspects /skills/spells but we enjoy doing it our way and believe that this top 6 list is going to rock!

Naturally, the Legendary Aspects that you will choose for your character mainly depend on the skills that you have been working towards and your individual playstyle. We had that in mind when creating this list so we are putting before you a number of Aspects that can work with different builds and playstyles. Check them out and see which one(s) fits you best!

Note: If you’re interested in the full list of Diablo 4 Legendary Aspects that you can find through Diablo 4 dungeons you can read about it in our article here.

6. Edgemaster’s Aspect

The Edgemaster’s Aspect is giving you the 10-20% increased damage based on how much Primary resource (in your case mana) you have at the moment. Assuming that you move around with full mana when not fighting, this Aspect is perfect for those initial hits to your enemies from long-range, before they’re even aware of you. Choose your strongest spell since the buff is percentage based, and wreck the enemies.

Further, if you have great mana regen already you don’t have to count only on initial spell casting in fights. You can exploit this Aspect during fights too, just make sure you’re always keeping an eye on that gauge.

Edgemaster’s Aspect can be looted from Oldstones dungeon in Scosglen.

5. Exploiter’s Aspect

The Exploiter’s Aspect gives you a 20% increase in the duration of your crowd-control spells and 20-50% more damage to Unstoppable enemies. It goes without saying that this Aspect will benefit you more when you build around multiple disabling spells but what’s even better is that it is kind of a win-win for you.

If your enemies are in their usual default and unbuffed state you are able to use crowd control spells on them and damage them over time until they die. On the other hand, when they’re Unstoppable you can’t crowd control them but you can deal a massive bonus damage to them. In the end, whatever the case may be you have an edge over them.

Exploiter’s Aspect will be found from random Legendary item drops.

4. Recharging Aspect

Recharging Aspect gives the 4-6 Mana recharge every time your Chain Lighting bounces off you. It is a boost that helps you to stay in the fight and enables you to keep dashing out those spells. But, it does oblige you to use Chain Lightning as one of your primary spells.

Even though using this Aspect puts you in a position where you have to use one particular spell whether you want it or not, it doesn’t mean that that spell has to be the cornerstone of your build. You can build around other Core spells that will be your main damage output and use Chain Lighting only to quickly boost up your mana recharge. Using this Aspect is a great way to create sustain for yourself and cast more spells without worrying that you will run out of this precious resource.

You can find Recharging Aspect in the Zenith dungeon in Fractured Peaks.

3. Aspect of Engulfing Flames

When dealing with Aspect of Engulfing Flames you will have a peculiar but great bonus on your hands. In cases when you apply DoT damage to enemies that is higher than their total HP, you get 30-40% increased Burning damage. Now, since some of the currently hottest (pun intended) builds for Sorcerer include building your character around fire damage, this Aspect comes as an ideal add-on.

Still, you should keep in mind that Aspect of Engulfing Flames is more of a mob-clearing buff that won’t help you much in boss fights. The reason for this is that it’s hard to rack up enough DoT damage that’s going to be higher than the HP pool of someone that is extremely tanky and protected with plenty of resistance.

The Aspect of Engulfing Flames will be found as a random drop while exploring the open world and clearing dungeons.

2. Aspect of Control

Another Aspect that is happy to boost your abilities on disabled enemies. The Aspect of Control allows you to deal 25-35% extra damage on all enemies that are either Frozen, Stunned, or Immobilized. With this Aspect, you don’t have to create a build that will rely heavily on crowd-control spells. It’s enough if you have only a few that can create these effects on groups and individuals.

If you have enough room for a couple of disabling spells in addition to some devastating pure damage-dealing ones, you can exploit this Aspect on bosses by trying to keep them locked down as long as possible and ruining their life with the extra damage you’re getting.

You can get Aspect of Control from the Sunken Library dungeon in Kehjistan.

1. Elementalist’s Aspect

Elementalist’s Aspect is on top of our list because when used right, this Aspect can give you some serious and devastating damage. While equipped, it gives you a 20-40% increased Critical Strike Chance on Core or Mastery skills that are cast at or above 100 mana. If combined with the Chain Lightning spell that gains a 3% increased Critical Strike Chance per bounce you’re looking at a lot of Crits.

Don’t forget that this Aspect gets 100% more power if you equip it to a 2-Handed weapon and 50% if you add it to an Amulet so those bonuses can be even more wrecking than you thought.

You can locate the Elementalist’s Aspect in the Pallid Delve dungeon in Dry Steppes.

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