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How to Get the Urn of Experience in Diablo IV

It can't be won, it has to be URNed.
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Diablo IV, the newest installment in the iconic action RPG series, provides players with a dark and treacherous world filled with formidable challenges and elusive treasures. Among the many sought-after prizes in the game is the Urn of Experience, an elusive treasure that many players have had trouble getting ahold of.

As its name suggests, The Urn of Experience greatly enhances your character’s level-climbing capabilities. However, many players have run into obstacles when attempting to track it down, partially due to a common misconception about its name. Read on to find out more about the Urn of Experience in Diablo IV and how to get your hands on it!

How to Get the Urn of Experience in Diablo IV?

As previously mentioned, many players have had trouble getting ahold of the Urn of Experience in Diablo IV. This is due to a large multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that “Urn of Experience” isn’t even its actual name!

The item that so many Diablo IV players have dubbed “The Urn of Experience” is actually called the Urn of Aggression. The Urn of Aggression is one of 5 Urns that were added to the game recently; they provide players with active buffs that can assist them during their playthrough.

The Urn of Aggression, more commonly known among players as the Urn of Experience, increases the rate of their characters’ XP gain while playing. It’s not actually a physical item that can be tracked down in the game, however.

The 5 Urns that are able to be earned (no pun intended) by players are Blessings that can only be bought with Smoldering Ashes, which are materials that players can only receive during the Diablo IV Battle Pass.

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In order to gain the XP buffs that the Urn of Experience provides, players will need to gather Smoldering Ashes from the Seasonal Battle Pass. Once they’ve collected enough, they’ll be able to use them to activate the Urn. After it’s been activated, players will also be able to use additional Smoldering Ashes to upgrade it, in order to gain stronger buffs.

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All Urns in the Diablo IV Battle Pass

The Urn of Experience in Diablo IV is easily one of the most popular features of the Battle Pass, but it’s far from the only one of its kind.

Besides the Urn of Aggression, the other Urns available in the Diablo IV Seasonal Battle Pass are the Urn of Bargaining, the Urn of Reclamation, the Urn of Prolonging, and the Urn of Malignance.

Here are all of the unique buffs that players can obtain by activating these Urns:

  • Urn of Aggression – Boost to XP earned from monster kills.
  • Urn of Bargaining – Boost to the amount of Gold earned from Vendor sales.
  • Urn of Reclamation – Boost to the chance of rare materials from salvage.
  • Urn of Prolonging – Boost to the duration of all Elixers.
  • Urn of Malignance – Boost the chance of powerful Malignant Heart drops. Hearts drop after completing the campaign.

Each of the Urns can be upgraded by up to 4 levels, which will increase the power of the buffs that they offer. To upgrade them, all you need are more Smoldering Ashes, which you’ll need to collect anyway to activate the Urns.

Once you’ve activated the Urn of Experience in Diablo IV (or Urn of Aggression, whatever you prefer to call it), your days of struggling to level up are over!

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