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How to Find and Farm All Plant Materials for Alchemist Recipes in Diablo 4

Let's get to the magic potions already.

What’s a good RPG these days if it doesn’t include some crafting mechanics? Luckily, Diablo 4 actually offers players a crafting system in order for them to create useful items of their very own. And no matter your play style, there is always something worth crafting in Diablo 4 to give you some kind of a leg-up on your enemies.

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If you’re looking to craft some Alchemist recipes, however, you’re going to need some pretty specific items to do so – plants. So if you’re looking to get your hands on some and fulfill those recipes, then we can help! Here’s how to find and farm all plant materials for Alchemist recipes in Diablo 4!

How to Find and Farm All Plant Materials for Alchemist Recipes in Diablo 4

All Plant Types in Diablo 4 and Where They’re Located

Plants are typically growing wildly in the locations they inhabit and can be picked from the earth. Here is the list of plants in Diablo 4 that we know are available so far. If new plants are discovered we will update our article accordingly.

Here’s each one and where they can be found:

  • Angelbreath (Rare) – Anywhere
  • Gallowvine – Anywhere
  • Reddamine – Dry Steppes
  • Biteberry – Fractured Peaks
  • Blightshade – Hawezar
  • Fiend Rose (Rare) – Helltide-restricted
  • Lifesbane – Kehjistan
  • Howler Moss – Scosglen

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Tips and Tricks For Plant Farming in Diablo 4

Though farming for plants may have a different meaning in real life, the same kind of sensibilities go along with what players are going to need to do in Diablo 4 in order to get the plants they need. You’ll want to head to any of the locations of any of the plants you’re on the hunt for to find them.

If you scoured the area and don’t find many, then it’s best to try coming back after a short time or after restarting your game to see if any have spawned. Finding plants is pretty important as you’ll need them in order to craft essential items such as potions, elixirs, and even incense to aid you against enemies on your journey.

Some rare plants have been noticed showing up as drops, so pay close attention to all loot that comes your way. There might be a plant hiding in there!

And that’s all there is to know about how to find and farm all plant materials for Alchemist recipes in Diablo 4! If this guide helped you out at all on your quest, then be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides as well, such as All Diablo 4 Waypoint Locations – How to Fast Travel and How to Unlock Exorcist’s Cache in Diablo 4. Don’t forget to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook too in order to get all of the latest news and guides on Diablo 4!

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