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What are the best Perks in Rogue Company?

What are the best Perks in Rogue Company?

What are the best Perks in Rogue Company? Players pick from thirteen different Rogues with unique abilities to form a team of four. Each Rogue has a unique loadout of weapons, abilities, utility, and perks. Besides making a good team composition, you will want to make sure you upgrade your Rogue efficiently.  

You can spend money on upgrades for your Rogues as the games progress. One of the most important things to spend money on aside from weapon upgrades is Perks. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best perks in Rogue Company. 

What are the best Perks in Rogue Company?

There are many different Perks in Rogue Company, and each Rogue has a total of six available to them. Many perks are similar between classes, so we’re going to go through a few of the best ones to make it relevant for all Rogues. 


Mobility is critical in Rogue Company. By default, you cannot reload your weapon while sprinting. Berserker allows you to do this, which is perfect for players who like to run-and-gun. Not all Rogues have this perk, but those that do should make use of it. 


Easily the best perk in the game, Headstrong provides a bonus 25 armor to your base stats. It’s the only perk that grants you additional health or armor points, but it’s also the most expensive at $10,000. We highly recommend picking this one up in the third round or whenever you have the cash to spare. 


Reloading takes time, and sometimes it can get you killed if you’re taking on multiple enemies at once. Replenish reloads your currently equipped weapon after downing an enemy and restores your ammunition faster. It’s the perfect perk if you’re a close-quarter combat specialist holding the front lines. 

Nimble Hands

Weapon swap speed is another crucial element in all shooter games, including Rogue Company. Nimble Hands not only increases your weapon swap speed but also your reload speed. It’s perfect if you tend to use the SMG a lot or find yourself weapon swapping often. 

Padded Steps

The last best perk in Rogue Company is Padded Steps. It’s a bit situational and more useful for flanking classes. This perk silences your footsteps when you’re not sprinting. You may find it useful if you are always in flank positions or sneaking up on enemies. Combine it with a suppressed weapon, and you’ll be the sneakiest Rogue on the field.

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