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Best Gyarados Moveset in Pokemon Go

Best Gyarados Moveset in Pokemon Go

Magikarp is Pokemon Go’s August Community Day spotlight Pokemon, and it evolves into the powerful Water and Flying-type Pokemon Gyarados. This Pokemon is a strong contender in PvP with a wide array of moves. While it has a double weakness to Electric-types, it has some good resistances to Fire, Steel, Fighting, Bug, and double resistance to Ground.

Gyarados puts out a ton of damage, but it’s not exactly a tank. It cannot stand up to many attacks, which is a huge downfall. In this guide, we’re going to look at the best Gyarados moveset in Pokemon Go.

Best Gyarados Moveset in Pokemon Go

Here’s a look at the Fast moves and Charge moves Gyarados can learn:

Fast Attacks

Dragon BreathDragon430.5
Dragon TailDragon33.331.5

Dragon Breath is the most commonly used move for Gyarados, due to the great damage and super effectiveness against Pokemon like Dragonite, Altaria, and other Dragons.

Some players might prefer Waterfall, as it also does a ton of damage and is its hardest-hitting fast move. It also allows Gyarados to be more effective against Ground, Rock, and Fire, whereas Dragon Breath only does that against Dragons.

Bite and Dragon Tail are not good options, as they are weaker moves of the other two. The Bite move is a Waterfall with less energy generation. The Dragon Tail may have high energy generation, but the damage is lacking.

Charge Moves

Aqua TailWater5035
Dragon PulseDragon9060
Hydro PumpWater13075

All of Gyarados’ charge moves are a bit slow, which is one major downfall. Gyarados usually only generates around three or less energy per turn. Luckily, the Community Day exclusive move Aqua Tail is just what we need. It gets STAB, and it’s incredibly fast, comparable to other attacks like Cross Chop and Dragon Claw. Aqua Tail is an excellent way to get the two shields down from the opponent to set up the victory.

Against players with no shields, Hydro Pump or Outrage is always a solid choice. It looks like Outrage edges out Hydro Pump with wins over Dragonite, Machamp, and Palkia. However, in battle leagues, it looks like Aqua Tail and Crunch will be the two moves to utilize for the highest win rates.

In summary, Aqua Tail is the move you want to have in all of the leagues. Crunch is an excellent second option for good flexibility. Hydro Pump or Outrage also have their uses when there are no shields. The fast move you want is Dragon Breath because Waterfall is not useful unless you do not have Aqua Tail for Water-type damage. Go with a combination of Dragon Breath, Crunch, and Aqua Tail.

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