The 10 best VR sex games

The VR games guaranteed to heat things up.

Virtual reality is great for immersive experiences, and it’s especially true for video games. Adult entertainment also gets a boost with VR, delivering sensual experiences that players won’t quickly forget. This is especially true for VR sex games, as you get to put yourself in a variety of different sexual situations without leaving the comfort of your home.

Finding the right VR sex game that appeals to you can be a challenge, since they do their best to appeal to specific interests. VR is also costly, and you want to make sure you are buying the best game you can afford. Here are the best VR sex games out right now, which are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

10) Captain Hardcore

Captain Hardcore puts you in the role of a captain journeying around to find the sexiest women to spend time with. You can customize the women you bring on board, putting them in a variety of situations for you to get the most from each character. Recording scenes is also an option to save the best configurations you can come up with, and there are future updates to make the game more interesting.

9) Amoreon

Amoreon starts by allowing you to customize the female character you will interact with. You can edit her body, clothing, and even her personality type. Your goal is to satisfy your partner by completing tasks, and there is a great incentive since you personally customized your partner to your liking. You can also choose the location you want to be in as you carry out these tasks, which carry over to the activities you perform with your partner.

8) Dezyred

Instead of being a single game, Dezyred offers a variety of choose-your-own-adventure VR sex games for you to choose from. The VR sex scenes use actual actors, giving you an extra dose of realism as you play. Your choices will dictate the scenes and experiences that you get, and you will want to go back through multiple times to experience what each game has to offer.

7) Let’s Play With Nanai

If you are interested in anime-style VR sex games, Let’s Play With Nanai is a great place to start. It only has a single character, but you are able to perform various sexual actions on them. You can customize Nanai’s appearance and underwear, while controlling her movements with a smartphone attached to an object. There are future updates planned, as well as a spin-off game if you like what you see.

6) Waifu Sex Simulator

If you felt that you wanted more choices than just a single character, Waifu Sex Simulator will give you what you need. You can choose from a variety of girls to interact with, which come from well known games and anime series. There are also a large number of animations for each character, allowing you to interact with your partner(s) of choice however you wish.

5) Fallen Doll

For those who want some strategy with their VR sex experiences, Fallen Doll puts you in the role of a nightclub owner. You need to satisfy your customers with only one employee (Erika). You can customize Erika’s appearance and even the room she appears in. Managing Erika’s stamina is important, since she can’t be working every day and needs rest. It’s a good blend of strategy and adult content that gives you some motivation to continue.

4) Dominatrix Simulator

For players who are interested in the BDSM scene, Dominatrix Simulator will satisfy those needs. You will work with the Mistresses to come up with a variety of experiences, where you can be the dominatrix or the dominated. There are tasks and rewards in each experience, which will eventually be combined together in a future update.

3) Sin VR

Everyone has a specific interest when it comes to sexual proclivities, and Sin VR does its best to cater to whatever you have in mind. You have many characters to choose from, which cover regular humans, monsters, and even furry creatures if that is what you like. While you can’t customize the characters yourself, the choices available to you will allow you to select something that fits your specific desires.

2) Holodexxx

Holodexxx puts the realism of VR sex front and center with realistic adult actors taking center stage. You can choose from nine actual adult stars in the industry, choosing actions for them to perform. You can try some of their free demos to get a taste of the experience, then pay full price to get access to the current set of full scenes. There is also an experimental mode where future updates are tested, which allow you to experience the latest releases first.


Just like Dezyred, isn’t about one single game, but you get access to a variety of VR sex games for the membership fee. The games have a mix of real life actors and 3D models, letting you choose the games that fit your preference. You also get access to other VR adult material in case you need a break, or would like to see something else.

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