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How to Solve Regression Alone Reveals Secrets Puzzle in Elden Ring

You need to regress to progress.

Elden Ring is probably among the most well-known RPGs out there and one of the things it’s recognized about the game is that is really challenging. There are thousands and thousands of memes online cracking jokes about the game and its difficult system of combat.

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Nevertheless, Elden Ring has a couple of more tricks up its sleeve. As you probably know, there are a ton of secrets lying around the world of Elden Ring and many of these can’t be resolved so easily. One such puzzle is “Regression Alone Reveals Secrets” which many players struggled with. Hop into our article and discover what this puzzle means and how you can solve it without breaking a sweat.

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Elden Ring: Regression Alone Reveals Secrets Puzzle Solved

“Regression Alone Reveals Secrets” is a message that you find in the upper part of the capital city of Leyndell, in front of a big statue of a man with his hands spread. It suggests that you need to use the Law of Regression Incantation.

Firstly, go and read and applaud all messages in front of the statue. Once you did that, go back to the message that says “Regression Alone Reveals Secrets” and perform the Law of Regression Incantation. The statue will change shape and now it will be a woman with hands spread instead of a man and when you read the messages in front of the statue again you will discover an important secret connected to the game’s lore.

How Can You Get the Law of Regression Incantation?

If you don’t have the Law of Regression Incantation and you wish to resolve this puzzle, you will need to take extra steps to find it. You first need to visit the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace and in the northeast part find big tree branches and use them to climb to the upper floor. Once there:

  1. Turn right to go to a room that leads outside.
  2. Look to your left and you will see a golden roof.
  3. Go on the golden roof and look for a window opening.
  4. Follow the path on the right until you reach another big branch leading you across the room.
  5. Climb the branch and once in the middle of it, you will have a flying chair with a corpse within your reach.
  6. Interact with it and take the Golden Order Principia book.

When you have the Golden Order Principia book you can give it to any Incantation vendor and they will give you the Law of Regression Incantation. However, keep in mind that you will need 37 Intelligence to use it. If you don’t have that much you can always respec at Rennala in the Grand Library.

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