DOOM Eternal Weapon Mods Guide

In DOOM Eternal, you will find various different weapon mods that unlock some secondary fire effects. You can use up to two of these per weapon and swap them out whenever you want.

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After the second mission, you start getting weapon points from fighting enemies and defeating bosses, finding secret encounters, and completing Slayer Room Challenges.

Our DOOM Eternal Weapon Mods guide will tell you everything you need to know about weapon mods.

DOOM Eternal Weapon Mod Perks

Shotgun (Sticky Bomb)

  • Quick Rack – Sticky Bomb reload speed increased by 20%.
  • Bigger Boom – Sticky Bomb explosion size increased by 45%.
  • Mastery – Launch five sticky bombs before you need to reload.
    • Kill 25 Arachnotron turrets with sticky bombs.

Shotgun (Full Auto)

  • Quick Recovery – Full Auto mode recovery speed increased by 50%.
  • Faster Transform – Full Auto mode transform speed increased by 50%.
  • Fast Feet – Movement speed while in Full Auto mode increased by 20%.
  • Mastery – Killing demons with Full Auto mode spawns shell ammo.
    • Kill 15 Pinkies with Full Auto mode.

Heavy Cannon (Precision Bolt)

  • Mobility – Precision Bolt movement speed increased by 15%.
  • Fast Loader – Precision Bolt reload speed +20%.
  • Mastery – Headshot kills set off powerful blasts dealing damage to nearby demons.
    • Score 75 Precision Bolt headshot kills.

Heavy Cannon (Micro Missiles)

  • Quick Recharger – Micro Missile reload time decreased by 35%.
  • Instant Loader – Micro Missile load time decreased by 75%.
  • Primary Charger – Kills with Heavy Cannon boost Micro Missile damage by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Mastery – Fire micro missiles indefinitely without having to reload.
    • Hit three enemies with a single missile 15 times.

Plasma Rifle (Heat Blast)

  • Quick Fire – Firing delay decreased by 25% after Heat Blast.
  • Super Heated Round – Heat Blast charge per shot +25%.
  • Mastery – Full charged blast projectiles get a damage boost.
    • Get 75 Precision Bolt headshot kills.

Plasma Rifle (Microwave Beam)

  • Fast Beam Charger – Microwave Beam charge time -66%.
  • Increased Range – Microwave Beam targeting range +50%.
  • Mastery – Demons detonated by Microwave Beam trigger a blast that disorients nearby enemies.
    • Kill at least one demon with Microwave explosions 15 times.

Rocket Launcher (Remote Detonate)

  • Proximity Flare – Rockets trigger flare when near targets that will be damaged by Remote Detonation.
  • Concussive Blast – Remote Detonations generate large non-damaging concussive blasts to interrupt demons.
  • Mastery – Rockets detonated by Proximity Flare is active cause additional explosive to create a larger area of effect.
    • Kill 60 enemies with Proximity Flare active.

Rocket Launcher (Lock-On)

  • Fast Reset – Lock-On Burst recharge time -37.5%.
  • Quick Lock – Lock-on speed +50%.
  • Mastery – Second lock-on targets can be acquired before firing rockets.
    • Kill 15 Prowler Demons with Lock-on Burst.

Super Shotgun (Meat Hook)

  • Quick Hook – Meat Hook recharge time -25%.
  • Fast Hands – Super SHotgun reload speed +33%.
  • Mastery – Meat hook sets enemies on fire, decreasing their armor when shot with the Super Shotgun.
    • Kill 50 enemies with the super shotgun while they are grappled.

Ballista (Arbalest)

  • Full Speed – Arbalest mode movement speed +30%
  • Stronger Explosion – Arbalest explosion side +60%.
  • Mastery – Arbalest starts recharging immediately after a hit.
    • Kill 20 Cacodemons with the Arbalest

Ballista (Destroyer Blade)

  • Charging Blast – At max charge, Destroyer Blade mod emits a blast wave that falters demons.
  • Rapid Chains – Destroyer Blade recharge time -20%.
  • Mastery – Fire Destroyer Blades before they reach maximum width.
    • Kill three or more enemies with the Destroyer Blade 15 times.

Chaingun (Mobile Turret)

  • Rapid Deploy – Mobile Turret mode transform time +50%.
  • Fast Gunner – Increased movement speed while in Mobile Turret mode.
  • Mastery – Mobile turret no longer stalls.
    • Kill five enemies with a single turret without overheating ten times.

Chaingun (Energy Shield)

  • Faster Recovery – Energy Shield recharge time -37.5%.
  • Dash Smash – Dashing into heavy demons will cause them to falter.
  • Mastery – Dealing enough damage with Chaingun while Energy Shield is active launches it forward on release, stunning any enemy it hits.
    • Deal 20,000 damage while Energy Shield is active.

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