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All Lyre Notes in Genshin Impact – Full List

Music to your ear.
Genshin Impact
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Music gives off such a vibe that sometimes drives what mood we can be in. And in a game like Genshin Impact that has such a breathtaking world and scenery, this is especially more obvious.

Luckily, you can actually play a lyre in Genshin Impact. The sound and even the camera work is just so appropriate for a game with a world that would give you a relaxing feel. If you want to play the lyre in the game yourself, here are all the lyre notes in Genshin Impact.

All of the lyre notes in Genshin Impact

Every note in the game is arranged in a musical staff, and are all whole notes with each note being Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti (properly arranged like this) and each note is higher than the last. Each musical staff is also a different octave, which determines which set of notes are higher or lower.

In the game, there are three musical staffs to choose from each with different octaves. At the very bottom you will see on the left side is an F Clef which is the musical staff with the lowest octave, above it you will see a C Clef which is the middle octave or the Alto musical staff and at the top is the G Clef that holds the musical staff with the highest notes also known as the soprano notes.

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How to obtain the lyre in Genshin Impact

If you still don’t have the lyre in the game, then you better have enough Mora to purchase it. To get your hands on the lyre, you will need 150,000 Moras to buy one. You can find this in the souvenirs tab of Marjorie’s store in Mondstadt. You can also obtain the lyre by buying it from the event shop for 280 Festive Tour Tickets after completing all “Ballads of Breeze” challenges in Normal Mode.

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