Is Genshin Impact Coming to Xbox? Answered

Is Genshin finally coming to Xbox?
Genshin Impact
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In 2020 we were graced with Genshin Impact hitting platforms such as PC, mobile, and Playstation. We were introduced to stunning characters, amazing storylines, and fun quests that were changed seasonally. The impact Genshin Impact has had over its peers is phenomenal from them dressing up in cosplay and declaring who their main’s are. We didn’t realize that there was one console out there who wasn’t as lucky. Now that there is a new patch we are wondering if Genshin Impact is going to be hitting all of the gaming platforms out there, including Xbox. So, is Genshin Impact going to come to Xbox? Let’s find out together.

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Genshin Impact Xbox

It doesn’t seem fair that Xbox is left out and can’t experience any fun wishing for a character. Unfortunately for Xbox players the wait for Genshin Impact is going to have to be a little longer. Currently, the developers of the game, MiHoYo is focusing their efforts on getting Genshin Impact over on Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, players will have a chance to play the game portably on their Switch, but as for Xbox players, there’s no news. Perhaps after the game is fully developed on Nintendo Switch it will be time for Xbox to make their move. Even after Nintendo Switch port got introduced in 2020 we still are waiting for updates.

Genshin Impact 3.5 Update

Even if you can’t enjoy playing on Xbox or Nintendo Switch you can still keep up with Genshin Impact news so you aren’t falling behind. For everyone else out there who is playing the game, the update will introduce new characters Dehya and Cyno in the banner. The update was set for 20:00 PST and 23:00 EDT February 28th and 03:00 GMT on March 1st. Due to the expected maintenance that will be required for the update the developers are handing out players 300 primogems for the delay. If you haven’t logged into the game yet, do so, in order to collect primogems to wish on the new characters in the banner.

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